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Why Leasing IPL Laser Machines is an Affordable Method to Vastly Expand Your Spa Menu of Services

beauty, spa, health and people concept - beautiful woman touchinA lot of spas wonder how they can ever afford to offer IPL services when the machines are so costly to acquire. Much like any other sophisticated medical tool, IPL laser machines are not cheap to make and require a specialist to operate. So, indeed, it is a financial business undertaking that one should consider seriously. However, with IPL laser machines, a spa can add nearly an entire page of desirable services to their menu, and considering that the machines can be leased or financed at low monthly rates, just a few treatments per month can pay the lease or finance charges, and the rest is return on investment. IPL Laser Machines Provide Youthful Rejuvenation People want to look younger, that’s a fact. According to the numbers that have been generated by various reports and surveys that have been ongoing since 2010, more than half of all people over the age of 50 want to look and feel younger. IPL laser machines help with youthful regeneration by gently zapping the top layers of skin and forcing regeneration. When skin regenerates, new skin forms underneath, which increases collagen production, which is the skin’s natural rejuvenator. Many people see substantial results with rosacea clearance, age spot removal, hair removal, liver spot removal, sun spot removal and even acne clearance in just a few treatments. Unlike facials, or body wraps and other topically applied standard spa treatments, pulsed light therapy represents a technological breakthrough using a proven method that helps to revive and resuscitate the skin for a suppler, youthful glow that shines. Other popular medical day spa menu services that use IPL laser machines include:
  • Vascular Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Pigmentation Treatment
Learn more about IPL laser machines by Medic America.

Why Adding IPL Machines to Your Med Spa Ups Your Menu Offerings

anti-aging concept, portrait of beautiful woman with problem and IPL machines – they are the face of the medical day spa. There are a variety of different IPL machines, and they are all used for popular medical day spa treatments. What follows in this article are some of the top uses for IPL machines, and why getting one into your spa sooner rather than later can exponentially impact your return on investment and net return, and fast. Skin Rejuvenation – Age defying treatments are very popular at any spa. Chemical peels and facials only go so deep. Photo rejuvenation is the newer, more effective and easier method. With IPL machines, you can offer a large and satiable menu of photo rejuvenation procedures at your spa. Pigmentation Treatment – No longer are TCA peels the only method for treating pigmentation. In fact, TCA peels are only semi effective. With IPL machines, you can more accurately treat pigmentation and on wider areas of skin. Skin Tightening – Skin tightening is a very popular procedure in the weight loss driven society of the present day. With IPL machines, you can offer a wide range of skin tightening treatments that will be in high demand for a very long time. Piggyback thermal body wraps for weight loss with these procedures for package deals and exclusive spa days. Tattoo Removal – A growing trend, this segment is expected to continue to grow over the decade to come. The more people who get tattoos – estimated at about 40% of all people in North America – the more people who will require IPL machines to remove undesirable ink later. Hair Removal – Already an enormously popular staple to the medical day spa, with IPL machines you can now offer hair removal. This is a procedure that is less invasive and more effective than waxing. The average client – which can be male or female – requires 4-8 treatment sessions. Acne Treatments – From deep nodular and cystic to rosacea, acne treatments are a top cash driver at day spas. With IPL machines, clients see results faster that last longer by comparison to chemical peels and facials. The results are what will keep your clients returning, and telling their friends about your effective IPL services. Low Lease Rates; Large Monthly Return With IPL machines, you can offer a variety of different high demand services that clients want; from age defying treatments, to pigmentation treatments, hair removal, tattoo removal and even acne treatments. This empowers the average medical spa to greatly expand their menu of services. With low lease rates on the machines and a strong and consistent monthly return, they make a good deal of sense considering that only a few treatments per month pay the lease amounts of such machines, while the other treatments factor into your average net return each quarter.

Why More Patients Are Considering an IPL Hair Removal Machine       

hair removal, laser hair removalMost women have hairy regions that they want to treat on their body with some form of hair removal. Up until just recently, the only three methods involved: shaving, waxing or costly and painful electrolysis. With an IPL hair removal machine, the process is sped up, made more affordable and is also longer lasting. Keep reading to learn about three other benefits that these machines offer to patients. Faster Treatment Electrolysis requires that each individual hair be treated and zapped. This is a lengthy process that can take dozens of treatments. Each treatment is painful and time consuming, not to mention costly. IPL can treat hairy regions in as few as three treatments, saving patients time and money as well as reducing overall discomfort. You Can Shave Beforehand You can’t shave before you get waxed or have electrolysis. With IPL, you can. This means that your legs and other hairy regions can be shaved prior to the treatment. Since IPL uses light to destroy melanin in hair follicles, causing them to retard, it does not require that you have several millimeters of hair for treatment. Less Painful Most people say that IPL hair removal feels like a light pinch. This is considered to be far less painful than waxing or electrolysis. For people who are seeking a faster, less costly and less painful method of hair removal, IPL is the surefire answer that also happens to be more affordable, too.

Simple Benefits of IPL Technology for Patients

laser hair removal, ipl technologyMost of us do not get up and just itch to get our legs waxed, to get a deep chemical peel or other spa treatment that can be invasive or painful like waxing, or that has a week or longer healing time like a deep chemical peel does. For those of you out there who agree, in enters the newfangled savior of the day: IPL technology, and its innate benefits.   Comfort Treatments like waxing, electrolysis and even daily shaving can be time consuming and painful, and can often leading to irritation of the skin. Waxing and electrolysis are both painful and arduous, and many patients can struggle to accept them. IPL technology is far more comfortable, offers faster treatments and procures longer lasting results with minimal invasiveness. Hair Reduction IPL technology can retard hair growth for a substantial time. This is dependent upon the wavelengths of light that are being used, and how they turn into thermal energy in the skin’s folds. Light can destroy the melanin pigment in skin, causing the hair follicle to never regrow hair on treated areas. Faster Treatments Most people lead rather hectic schedules. These don’t leave much time for day spa trips, for long lasting facials or waxing. IPL treatments span about 60-90 minutes and don’t require frequent retreatment. Some treatments can last as few as 30 minutes, offering those in a rush a faster fix.

What to Expect During an IPL Photofacial

  The acronym IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This is a popular skin treatment that uses certain wavelengths of intense light emitted as powerful pulses with a controlled application device to help provide treatment for a variety of unwanted skin conditions. One of the most popular treatments for IPL is found in wrinkle depth reduction. A very common spa term for this treatment is called photofacial, due to the fact that it is similar in anti-aging benefits to standard facials yet is widely considered to be more advanced and effective.   What to Expect During a Photofacial  
  • Before your treatment, you may be asked a few questions about your skin. There might also be a few forms to sign.
  • The treatment involves you relaxing in a chair or on a spa table as the technician applies light pulses to various areas of your face.
  • The light will help the body increase its production of collagen and elastin.
  • Any discoloration (age spots) in the skin is usually eliminated by the body or removed by the laser during the procedure in a process called sloughing.
  • A typical treatment can range from anywhere between 15-to-30 minutes and sometimes longer.
  • Regarding pain from the light: most people say that it feels like you are being pinched. Some people say that it feels anywhere from a moderate stinging sensation to having a very thin rubber band flicked against your skin.
  • If you have age spots (pigments), they will usually peel and flake away in a few days following the treatment.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines will gradually lessen as the skin produces more collagen and elastin to make the surface more firm.
  • Treatments are generally advised in sets of 4-6 with about 3-4 weeks of recovery time in between treatments.
  • Healing time takes somewhere around a week’s time with some mild redness and peeling.

Three Benefits Intense Pulsed Light Offers for Unwanted Facial Hair

You’ve assuredly already heard about intense pulsed light and the fascinating science beneath how these advanced lasers can work wonders on your skin and help to treat a wide variety of problems. We’ve covered many different treatments that they can be used to help you with in previous posts, including unwanted leg hair and various skin conditions. In today’s article, we’ll delve into how intense pulsed light technology is now being used to target unwanted facial hair using a special photofacial.   Centered Application Corporam’s IPL technology offers optimal control of light. At specific wavelengths, controlled light is able to penetrate and pass through the skin where they can reach the chromophores. This light reaches the shaft of the hair or its bulb (the root)—where the hair stores most of its melanin. Intense Pulsed Light basically zaps this bulb, eliminating the hair in the process.   The Papilla The body produces hair from the papilla, a region located near the root. The heat of the Intense Pulsed Light waves is too strong for the papilla to survive. A few passes with the IPL light and most papilla are destroyed. This prevents future hair growth for months on end. As compared to other laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments, Intense Pulsed Light actually offers you the best bargain of the bunch. An Alexan­drite treatment will cost you about twice as much at any spa, and opting for electrolysis will cost even more than that. With IPL treatments, you can banish unwanted facial hair from your T-zone, and enjoy smoother skin for years to come. For unwanted facial hair, IPL therapy is both practical and effective as a means of removal.

How the Addition of IPL Technology Can Attract New Demographics to Your Day Spa

IPL technology is indeed the wave of the future for the skincare industry. It’s the newest revelation that utilizes proven science to deliver uncanny treatments that demonstrate immediate and lasting results. Previously, spas were limited to facials, soap and oil and lotion based treatments and mud treatments. Lasers, well they change everything and for the better. In particular, how many clients you can hope to attract every single month.  

Affordably Add More Treatments

With the low monthly cost of IPL technology, you can affordably add more treatments. Since the training time required is nominal, you won’t have to go for broke getting your staff caught up. The ability to be able to add five to ten new treatments at a high value rate and a high billable rate – that’s something to get excited over that will attract new clients.  

Attract New Clients

Clients are attracted to IPL technology. Some like it because it shows more results with wrinkle depth reduction. Others prefer it because they want laser hair removal and are tired of shaving every day. Yet others desire the scar treatments, skin spot treatments and the plethora of other fabulous treatments made possible with this technology.  

Market to New Demographics

Instead of limiting your marketing to your existing demographic, with IPL technology you can actually find new clients in new demographics. Wrinkle depth reduction treatments, for example, can attract the Baby Boomer demographic, whereas laser hair removal can attract the millennial demographic. This isn’t’ even accounting for the other demographics that you attract on top of these two primary categories of spa frequenters.

Why it Makes Sense to Rent an Intense Pulsed Light Machine

What if you could rent the intense pulsed light machine that you needed for a low payment each month? Well now you can! We’ve got the details. Find out how you could rent that machine today for your spa practice.  

Low Down Payment

Get the intense pulsed light machine that you need today with low down payments. At Corporam, we want you to be able to afford to use our technology. That’s why we’ve created this special program to help your spa better compete and offer more services while sticking to your budget.  

Affordable Monthly Payments

With low monthly payments, you won’t have to worry about booking your schedule solid to pay your intense pulsed light machine payment. Instead, a few treatments booked per month enables you to break even. After that, you will be growing your revenue stream exponentially.  

Zero Interest – Cancel at Any Time

With the Corporam intense pulsed light machine Rental Program, you pay one fixed monthly payment with zero interest. What’s more is that you can cancel at any time. There are no hidden fees. And you can even buy the machine when your contract is over, or whenever, for a low and set price. With easy down payments, it’s the best way to get your hands on the machine that you need right now!  

Offer the Treatments You’re Lacking

Start offering the treatments that you were never able to offer before with a new intense pulsed light machine in your day spa practice. Imagine how many new clients that you could be attracting day in and day out when you have a brand new machine that enables you to offer dozens of new treatments?

How to Save Money on the IPL Machine You Need

One of the primary reasons why some day spas are still not featuring an IPL machine and competing as effectively as they could be with their rivals is due to one fact: the cost of the machine. The good news is that now you can get these machines in your spa for a lot less money than you might suspect it would cost you. The following options present you with a cost effective solution to offering IPL technology today at your business.  

Explore Options with Leasing/Renting

You can now enjoy leasing or renting an IPL machine for a low monthly rate. For example, we offer a rental program that has no interest, low down payments and low monthly payments with cancellation options and even an option to buy the machine at a later time for a set price.  

Consider Buying Used or Refurbished Machines

Another option that you can explore is with purchasing used or refurbished machines. Used machines are usually in great shape but come at a much lower price tag than new machines. This option could cut the cost of purchasing a machine by a substantial margin for your business.  

Shop During Special Sales for Reduced Rates

One last option is to shop during special events or seasonal sales for the IPL machine that you need to get a great deal on it. For example, Corporam will be hosting a clearance sale in the near future where you could save a lot of money off a very high quality unit. These sales are fleeting, and rare. Finding a machine on a clearance sale can save you considerable costs of the otherwise “new” retail price.
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