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Lease the Best IPL Machines Today from Corporam!

One of the biggest blunders that day spas and smaller laser businesses face is the enormous upfront cost of adding the best IPL machines to their practice. A good IPL machine can cost $55,000 - $95,000, something that many smaller businesses can struggle to afford outright. Up until recently, there have not been all that many alternative options for these businesses. At Corporam, we understand the small business struggle because once upon a time we were also a small business, too. That’s why we are pleased to announce the first ever lease it program, where you can lease the best IPL machines at affordable monthly rates with reasonable down payments and always the option to buy at any time. Check out these current fabulous deals we are offering: Evolight Mini Retail: $13,900.00 Down payment: $3,900.00 and $299.00 / Month (No stand) Evolight Retail: $30,000.00 Down payment: $4,500.00 and $399.00 / Month (No stand) Evolight Max Retail: $40,000.00 Down payment: $4,990.00 and $449.00 / Month (No stand) Evostar Retail: $55,000.00 Down payment: $6,750.00 and $599.00 / Month (No stand) Evostar 3 Retail: $65,000.00 Down payment: $7,900.00 and $699.00 / Month (No stand) Evolase WL Retail: $36,000.00 Down payment: $4,750.00 and $429.00 / Month (No stand) Evolase TT Retail: $28,000.00 Down payment: $3,900.00 and $389.00 / Month (No stand) Don’t forget that we also offer convenient financing options to well qualified customers, if you are seeking to purchase a machine outright as opposed to renting one. At Corporam, we are pleased to offer the world’s finest selection of the best IPL machines that you can buy. We also offer the best warranty and unrivaled customer service for our clients including telephone support. If you are in the market to buy a machine, make sure you take a look at our 2013 Clearance Sale – where you can enjoy the very best bargains on the finest IPL machines available at rock bottom prices for a limited time!

Does Renting a Hair Removal Laser Machine Make Sense?

One dream that every spa has these days is to be able to offer the laser hair removal services that they know that their clients want. But there’s one problem: a good quality hair removal laser machine does not ever come cheap. Top notch machines can run $15,000 or more. So how can a spa make their numbers work with such machines in lieu of the costly acquisition fees? The simple solution: rent them instead of buying them. Low Monthly Rate Imagine if you were able to rent a machine for a low monthly rate that made it realistic to your budget? What if you could spend a few hundred bucks every month to lease that machine with no interest and an option to buy them after the leasing period? How would that impact your budget? Few Treatments Serviced to Break Even Say you leased a machine for $299 per month. And let’s say you are charging $249 per treatment for a laser session. By this math you’d only have to perform two treatments per month to be making profits off your rental. Chances are you will perform far greater than just two treatments per month. Add Machines to Practice without Buying Them With a rental option, you wouldn’t have to spend the money necessary to obtain these machines. Since they cost so much money, it’s more realistic to consider leasing them. Now the main question at hand: where can you lease them from? We’ve got the answer! Corporam is pleased to offer our signature rental program. Now you can lease the hair removal laser machine that you need for your business at a low monthly rate with a realistic down payment. There is no interest charged to these leases, they come with a fantastic warranty, and you can even choose to buy the unit at the end of the 36 month lease. Learn more about our Rental Program.

What if You Could Lease the Best Laser for Hair Removal?

The world of IPL machines is a costly one to break into. That’s because the best laser for hair removal machine can end up costing you an arm and a leg. With the premier machines, like the EVOSTAR3 costing as much as $60,000 new, it’s easy to understand why some spas have been simply unable to upgrade their practices: they just couldn’t afford to do so feasibly. Sure, some spas may be able to get approved for a private loan, but many lack the credit or business history to do so. At Corporam, we have a plan that can enable your business to upgrade today, and realistically. Lease the Best Laser for Hair Removal What if you could lease the laser hair removal machines that you need for your business? Well now you actually can. With our signature Laser Machine Rental Program, you are approved for the machine that you need today. A small down payment allows you to easily get the IPL machines you require for your practice with low monthly payments that are easy to meet each month. In fact, our payments are so low that you will only need to provide just a few treatments each month to break even. After that, every treatment you provide is pure profit. Now you can offer your clients a way to turn down surgeries by instead allowing them to use the revolutionary laser technology of today to seek the skin therapy and other treatments they desire. Better compete with other businesses by offering the best laser machine in town. Offer hair removal services, skin therapy and many others with a no-interest lease that comes with a standard warranty on parts and labor. Isn’t it about time that you could do this for your business? We sure think so! Browse our available rentals today:

Two Amazingly Affordable Ways to Get the Best IPL Machines Right Now!

Your clients want IPL services, but you may have found that you are hindered as of late because of the high associated cost of implementation. Thank goodness that you came to this blog, dear reader, because we are about to blow your mind! What if you could lease an IPL machine with a low down payment and a realistic and affordable monthly payment with no interest that made this prospect feasible to your business? Or, what if you could simply outright buy a machine for as much as 66% off the MSRP? Well these two options now exist, but only at Corporam, and only if you act now! Rent the Best IPL Machines We are pleased to introduce our rental program for our valued customers. Now you can rent the best IPL machines that exist for a low monthly payment and a low down payment. These leases are interest-free, come with a standard warranty, have a high approval rate and include the option to buy the unit at the end of the term at a rock bottom price. Browse Our Fabulous Rentals Now! Buy the Best IPL Machines for 66% Off MSRP! For a VERY limited time, you can buy the best machines we have ever offered at the lowest prices we have ever offered. Some machines have been reduced by as much as $40,000! These sales are limited and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Affordably get the IPL machine that you’ve needed for the best price that you will ever find them at period. Browse our Clearance Sale Now! The best part is that with either option you can start offering high demand IPL services right away. The average treatment results in a seriously tantalizing profit ratio. Only a few treatments per month equates to an immense increase in profits for your business.

Advantages of Using Hair Removal Systems on Unwanted Hair

Learn more about the advantages of using hair removal systems to eradicate unwanted hair growth.
While there is no such thing as a permanent, as in life lasting, hair removal process, newer laser hair removal systems have much to offer for those seeking a semi-permanent solution. Most hair removal systems function in the same manner: they heat up and damage the root of the hair follicle, thus retarding future hair growth. Sometimes the follicle can heal, and some minor hair growth can reoccur, necessitating future treatments. There are a numerous advantages that these hair removal systems have to offer, several of which will be revealed.

Faster than electrolysis The process of laser hair removal is faster and more convenient as well as more affordable than electrolysis. It also has less discomfort for the patient. About four treatments per region are required, and each treatment takes about one hour to complete.
Safe and effective process When done under the proper settings, with the appropriately trained staff, laser hair removal is safe and effective. There is minimal healing associated, with a few days of irritation being the primary adverse affect. Most skin types are compatible, too.
Works on large areas This process can be used on both small and large areas of skin. It’s ideal for larger, spatial areas, like the back. And it can also be used on more sensitive areas of the skin like around the face or around the lips and even on the neck.
Provides longest amount of hair retardation According to FDA, laser hair removal is not a permanent solution, but is considered to be the longest lasting. While this method may not permanently prevent hair growth, average results can span as many as five to ten years before retreatment is necessary.
Minimal discomfort The process is relatively smooth and pain-free. Compared to other, more painful options, such as electrolysis, it involves far less time and discomfort. The healing process is fast, too, and minimal side effects have been recorded.

Laser Hair Removal for Women: Does it Make Sense for You?

Use this advice to determine whether or not laser hair removal for women is the best choice for you.
A very popular method of removing hair from unwanted regions consists of using a process called laser hair removal for women. This process utilizes a powerful and controlled cosmetic laser to heat up the hair and cause damage to the root of the follicle, thus retarding hair growth. With millions of women getting this treatment done every year in the United States, a common question consists of: Is this treatment right for me?

Cost effectiveness When compared to the high and ongoing costs of hair removal products for shaving, and when compared to the outrageous costs of electrolysis, hair removal for women using a laser is a viable consideration. In most cases, you will find that it is far more cost effective in the long run.
Personal time Another factor you ought to consider is the personal time that you spend shaving each day. Now factor how much you earn per hour. Now figure out how many hours per year you spend shaving in the shower. Easily, your personal time is worth a lot more than the cost of the treatment alone.
Growth rate Laser hair removal for women is considered to be the most effective form of hair removal. The FDA says that it lasts the longest out of all other considerations during the present day. For example, hair starts growing the moment you shave it and wax it, but takes year to come back with laser hair removal treatment.
Alternative options You do have some alternative options, many of which you have probably already explored. We shall review your other options so you can best see how laser hair removal stacks up to other methods. • Electrolysis is expensive and painful; • Shaving has a high amount of associated caveats; • Hair removal creams rarely even work at all; • Waxing is painful, costly and requires biweekly maintenance.

Why More Day Spas Are Embracing the IPL Laser

Find out why day spas worldwide are embracing the technological evolution of the IPL laser. Head to the most modern and inviting day spa that you know and love, or any of them that may be located near to where you live, and you can bet that they more than likely offer an IPL laser and the array of treatments this device enables. Ever since the early 90s, when this laser technology became mainstream, it’s truly picked up force. Today, these lasers are prominently featured in the most respected day spas around the world, and for a number of good reasons, too.
Offering More Targeted Services A day spa that incorporates an IPL laser is shooting for the stars. That’s because the spa is now able to exponentially expand their menu of services. Now they can offer a wide variety of different treatments these lasers enable, such as scar removal, tattoo removal, hair removal, pigmentation treatment, wrinkle depth reduction, cellulite removal, the photo facial, and so many more. Appealing to a Wider Demographic of Customers Customers want more during the present day than they have ever wanted before. They also want that something more to cost them something reasonable. The affordability of the IPL laser machine, especially when leased or financed, enables spas to offer high demand and high quality treatments that show efficacious results, yet at reasonable rates their clients can afford. Delivering Longer Lasting Results Most treatments procured using an IPL laser provide longer lasting results than other standard treatments do. For example, the deep chemical peel simply does not stack up to the photo facial (deep laser exfoliation). In fact, the laser will show longer lasting and more noticeable results right away by comparison. Strong Return on Investment Another reason why spas are hopping on this bandwagon is because the IPL laser yields a very healthy return on investment. Say a machine is financed with the final purchase price being $50,000 USD. On a five year note that would amount to about a $500 monthly bill with interest. This means that the spa offering the laser needs to only sell a few services per month to break even, and to start generating a healthy profit margin on the other treatments that they also sell during that same month. Expanding Day Spa Services Menu When you expend the services menu, you will inherently increase profits as a result. By adding the number of treatments that the IPL laser enables, a spa will attract more clients and generate increased revenue. As you can see, the benefits of hosting these machines far outweigh any associated cons.

Key Benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal Revealed

Explore your options with IPL laser hair removal by learning about the primary benefits this therapy offers. The IPL laser hair removal process is a technologically advanced and advantageous one that is performed in medical day spas and in some standard day spas to offer permanent hair removal for patients or clients. It’s considered to be beneficial because the process does not harm the surrounding areas of skin and provides an effective hair removal solution in few treatment sects. Hair removal using a laser offers an array of benefits to the consumer, a few of which that will be highlighted in this article.
  • The area being treated will be first prepared for hair removal by trimming the hair to below 23 millimeters.
  • The client or patient relaxes after changing into the treatment attire.
  • A handle is used to carefully direct light waves at the hair follicles being treated.
  • The light destroys the pigment in the follicle and the follicle itself after a treatment session
  • Typically three to five treatments are all that is required to permanently remove hair in unwanted regions.
Remove Unwanted Hair for Good The primary benefit of IPL laser hair removal is that you can remove any unwanted hair from virtually any region for good. When considering the other hair removal options that exist during the present day, none are nearly as viable or as permanent as this option. Economically, it makes more sense over a lifetime when compared to the cost of other ongoing solutions. Only Requires a Few Treatments Per Region Another key benefit of this service is that only a few sessions are required per region. Most people show permanent hair loss in about three sessions. Some people, who have thicker or coarser hair, may require as many as five treatments per region. The effectiveness is rated as 90 percent for all individuals, per NEVER Shave Again The goal of IPL laser hair removal is to alleviate the need to ever shave again. Shaving can cause rash, irritation, cuts, scrapes and permanent scarring. It’s also a tedious and time consuming process. Furthermore, it is costly and costs the average person hundreds or more per year in related products. Average Lifetime Savings When compared to the cost of razor shaving, IPL laser hair removal is more viable in the long run. The average person can spend as much as $1000 per year on shaving, which adds up over several decades. They can spend a fraction of the cost removing hair for good with laser treatment instead.

Things to Look for When Seeking the Best IPL Machines

Learn about a few features to demand when seeking the best IPL machines. When seeking the best IPL machines that your money can buy, there are some features that you will want to ensure come standard. Before you whip out that credit card and tender payment on this sizeable purchase and investment, make sure you know what to look for first. Use these suggestions to truly know you are getting the best of the best.
Long Lasting Crystal Most IPL machines come with medium lasting crystals. The best, however, come with long lasting crystals; and some even come with a replacement crystal included. The crystals should last about 70,000 shots, but this number can vary. Keep that in mind when shopping for the best IPL machines Well Ventilated Unit Always review the ventilation of each machine carefully before considering a purchase. These machines do generate a ton of heat, and proper ventilation is a must. The best machines incorporate intercooled (water) ventilation with front, back and side fans that help keep the machine cool and operational. Multiple Uses Don’t limit yourself to a single use machine. The best IPL machines actually are intended for multiple, different uses. Make sure that the one you buy is, as this way you can offer more services while still using the same machine to provide them. LCD Touch Screen Ensure that the machines you are consider feature a color LCD touch screen. The newer machines always feature this convenient touch pad. It makes it far easier to navigate the menu and change settings while working with clients or patients. Industry Leading Warranty Always review the warranty on these machines. The best IPL machines offer at least a one-year limited warranty. Considering the sizeable investment you will be making in them, a solid warranty is an absolute necessity. Competitive Pricing Lastly, pricing does indeed matter. Assuredly, you will be expected to pay more money for an elite machine over a carbon copy of lower quality. But that does not mean that the provider shouldn’t offer a competitive rate. Compare rates on premium machines and consider purchasing a used one if finances are an issue. You can always consider financing the machine to make it more feasible, too.
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