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What to Expect During an IPL Photofacial


The acronym IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This is a popular skin treatment that uses certain wavelengths of intense light emitted as powerful pulses with a controlled application device to help provide treatment for a variety of unwanted skin conditions. One of the most popular treatments for IPL is found in wrinkle depth reduction. A very common spa term for this treatment is called photofacial, due to the fact that it is similar in anti-aging benefits to standard facials yet is widely considered to be more advanced and effective.


What to Expect During a Photofacial


  • Before your treatment, you may be asked a few questions about your skin. There might also be a few forms to sign.
  • The treatment involves you relaxing in a chair or on a spa table as the technician applies light pulses to various areas of your face.
  • The light will help the body increase its production of collagen and elastin.
  • Any discoloration (age spots) in the skin is usually eliminated by the body or removed by the laser during the procedure in a process called sloughing.
  • A typical treatment can range from anywhere between 15-to-30 minutes and sometimes longer.
  • Regarding pain from the light: most people say that it feels like you are being pinched. Some people say that it feels anywhere from a moderate stinging sensation to having a very thin rubber band flicked against your skin.
  • If you have age spots (pigments), they will usually peel and flake away in a few days following the treatment.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines will gradually lessen as the skin produces more collagen and elastin to make the surface more firm.
  • Treatments are generally advised in sets of 4-6 with about 3-4 weeks of recovery time in between treatments.
  • Healing time takes somewhere around a week’s time with some mild redness and peeling.

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