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Why All Spas Should Consider Adding an IPL machine

 An IPL machine should be in every legitimate day spa. Technology certainly has played a strong role with entirely shifting industries around the world as it evolves. Much could be said of the day spa industry, as many previously conventional and traditional treatments have been made obsolete with the advent of the laser IPL machine. We’ll explore how adding one helps make your spa stand out, and what you have to gain by doing so, in the key points offered here.
Offering the Latest and Greatest Treatment Options If you really want your spa to shine above the rest as a bright beacon for rejuvenation, you will want to ensure that you offer the latest and greatest, trendiest treatments that are currently available. Considering that many of these treatments greatly rely upon the technology procured by an IPL machine, it’s a no-brainer when trying to perceive the best path forward in meeting this illustrious goal. Incorporating a Laser Spa Menu The most prevalent and respected spas now feature a laser spa menu as well. They offer this in addition to the standard services they already feature (like facials, mud masks, body rubs, peels and so forth). The laser menu incorporates everything that is made available by the implementation of the IPL machine, and informs your clients that you are now offering more something advanced and revolutionary; something more than the spa down the street has to offer. Feeding Customers’ Appetite for Technology The ebb and flow of technology has impacted the entire world. People now mostly access the internet from mobile devices instead of personal computers. Naturally, consumers have a strong and healthy appetite for things that are technologically advanced. As far as treatments are concerned, the IPL machine offers the most advanced and most effective treatments that have been devise to-date. Standing Out from Other Day Spas The day spa industry is a very competitive and rather unforgiving one that leaves little room for error. Most spas are mom and pop businesses that greatly rely upon word of mouth. Only the big spas use a marketing budget, and liberally at that. An IPL machine helps make your spa stand out amongst the array of other options clients have by empowering you to offer something that will be hard to find anywhere else.

IPL – How it Has Changed the Skincare Industry Forever

Learn more about IPL technology, and find out how it has changed the skincare world forever. IPL, the acronym for intense pulsed light, has literally taken the skincare world by storm and for ample good reasons, too. Ever since its initial heyday – a process that began in the late seventies and was further fueled by increasing research in the eighties, finally being implemented for all people in the early nineties – the industry has grown by incredible leaps and bounds. The effectiveness, versatility and applicability of the IPL laser machine has made it possible to offer revolutionary treatments in skincare that were previously unattainable.
Newer Treatment Options Amongst the wide array of newer treatments options that have been made possible thanks to IPL technology, the following easily top the list:
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Laser scar reduction
  • Laser wrinkle reduction
  • Laser photo facials (deep peel)
  • Laser pigmentation treatment
  • Laser cellulite reduction therapy
  • And many more
Faster Healing Time One of the most incredible benefits of the IPL technology is that it enables powerful and lasting treatments that intimate a shorter healing time. For example, previously scar reduction took months to see results using various creams that could have adverse reactions. Today, an IPL laser treats a scar and minimizes its appearance in just a few treatments and over just a few weeks. More Effective Treatments The goal of creating IPL was to create a more veritable, more effective treatment offering. Since lasers precisely treat the skin, and since they are controlled pulses of light, they have maximum impact with minimal denigration to the surrounding areas. The body heals the area quickly, and responds with increased collagen and elastin production, both of which are agents widely regarded as the building blocks of skin.                                                  Wide Range of Skincare Applications The most desirable aspect of IPL technology is that it’s versatile in its application to modern skincare. A wide range of applications currently exist that are viable for skincare solutions for people who have skin of all skin types. Additionally, newer treatments are being developed every year that enable an expansion of these already wonderful options. In the years that lie ahead, it would be unsurprising if many outdated spa treatments are slowly phased out in favor of IPL.

How Laser Treatment Revolutionizes Modernization of Skincare

Find out how laser treatment has modernized many treatment options. If you suffer from a variety of undesirable cosmetic skin and hair conditions, you need not lament any longer. Thanks to the technology behind the laser treatment, these conditions are more treatable and even reversible than they have ever been before. To provide more depth on this prospect, we’ll explore a few realms where laser treatment has really turned the tables forever, and for the better, for those who seek treatment.
Scarring Previously, scarring required a long term solution with a bleak outlook. A variety of creams exist that show minimal results and that are rarely clinically proven. Few other methods exist that can reduce scarring. Laser treatment helps remove the damaged tissues and encourages full skin renewal, drastically minimizing the depth of scarring in just a few sessions. Pigmentation Much like scarring, pigmentation issues have forever been tackled with bleaching creams. Many of these creams have been recently recalled due to hosting dangerous or FDA banned constituents. With laser treatment, the pigments are attacked by a direct light source and are later eradicated in full by the body’s internal system. Hair Removal Waxing is a messy hair removal solution that’s very temporary. After a few weeks the hair will grow back in those very same regions. Waxing is also a rather painful process that often results in rash and irritation that follows for several weeks. A laser removal process does not damage nearby skin, and after a few treatments has a 90 percent permanent hair removal rate. Tattoo Removal An estimated 50 percent of people with tattoos want at least one or more removed. The only effective standard for this is via laser treatment. The laser is able to penetrate deep into the skin folds and destroy the ink pigments, which the body later clears out and replaces with natural skin pigment, thus removing the tattoo in a few sessions. Rejuvenation An exciting aspect of IPL lasers is found in rejuvenation. Such treatments help the skin better renew itself by encouraging the renewal of cells in the skin folds and the production of collagen and elastin. A popular treatment involving this is the laser photo facial (found at the most premium spas).

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

Learn more about the benefits of IPL hair removal. There are numerous benefits to IPL hair removal that should not be overlooked if you are tired of shaving and are seeking a permanent hair removal solution.  A common mistake that people make when ascertaining the cost is that they think about this cost per treatment all at once, as opposed to aptly comparing it with the relevant cost of shaving or waxing. Considering that you could spend thousands every couple of years on shaving products, or spend the same amount removing hair for good with IPL hair removal, in the long run it makes more sense. Learn more about the associated benefits that you can expect with this revolutionary procedure.
How it Works: Lasers emit light. The light is directed at the pigments in the hair follicle. The light and the heat or radiation it emits damages the pigments permanently. The hair is destroyed following this process. Since there are millions of hairs that occupy each hairy region of the body, naturally this process will take some time and will require some patience; because you have to treat each follicle individually.  Most people require three or four treatments to remove unwanted hair for good, and some rare people require five or six (in instances of thicker hair with more pigment). Does Not Damage Surrounding Skin: Precise Most people have experienced undesirable side effects from shaving. These often include: razor burn, rash, skin irritation, redness and even cuts and scarring. Waxing is no different and includes a myriad of side effects as well. With IPL hair removal, the laser is so precise that it does not damage the surrounding areas of the skin, which means minimal or zero adverse side effects on your skin post treatment. Highly Effective Treatment According to, in a white paper they composed regarding the topic of IPL hair removal, more than 90 percent of all persons who received this treatment reported permanent hair loss with three to five sessions of treatment. That’s a pretty drastic and exciting success rate for candidates. Be sure to keep that in mind if you are considering approaching this topic for permanent hair removal. You could just eliminate shaving and waxing from your routine for good as a result.

Intense Pulsed Lighting: Can IPL for Rosacea Actually Work?

Intense Pulsed Lighting – could it be the new solution for using IPL for rosacea? A trendsetter fascination in the skin care industry, intense pulse lighting technology has really changed the game plan forever and for the better. Newer treatments are being developed each year that targeted various skin problems that were deemed previously untreatable and only manageable at best. Thanks to this intense pulse lighting technology, breakthrough treatments on skin disorders have been recently procured. The newest entrant on this list is IPL for rosacea.
Revives the Skin Since rosacea is a skin condition involving blemishes that often stem from weak or damaged skin, IPL for rosacea is a viable solution. The laser helps the skin better renew itself by zapping damaged and aging skin cells, which helps the body better eradicate them and the symptoms associated with them. Encourages Growth of New Layers The IPL for rosacea process is designed to intimate the growth of new skin layers. When new skim layers form, the body sheds the old layers. It also creates a boost of collagen and elastin – the key elements to fresh skin – and they form the new skin. This process is designed to basically encourage the body to discard the affected skin layers by forming new ones that are not prone to rosacea. Simple Outpatient Process Perhaps the most uplifting news about using IPL for rosacea is that you won’t require invasive surgery. As a matter of fact, this method is by far one of the least invasive skin care methods one can pursue. The associated downtime and recovery process is marginal by comparison to other treatments. And the outpatient process ensures that you are home after one day of treatment. Only Requires a Few Treatments For those who are considering using this revolutionary treatment method, it is important that they understand that it might take several treatment sessions to provide full relieve. The success rate is astronomically high for this treatment type as well. Most persons who undergo at least two to four treatments notice substantial and long lasting results, negating the need for re-administering treatment for a period of at least two to five years post treatment, with some patients noting permanent or longer lasting results.

Why More Women Are Considering Laser Hair Removal

Find out why more women are wisely considering laser hair removal, and determine whether or not it could be right for you. If you are sick and tired of shaving away thirty minutes of every day by spending the time it takes to remove hair using an outdated razor blade while in the shower, there’s some good news. With laser hair removal, you can basically wave goodbye to shaving ever again. This relatively newer technology has been greatly refined in recent years, and now provides a viable solution for all of those who would rather be bare than ever deal with a razor blade and its many associated caveats again.
Painless Treatment First off, don’t expect the laser hair removal to actually be painless. The treatment’s feel is a bit differing for everyone. Some people report that it feels like a light pinching on the skin, whereas others say it feels like when you get pins and needles in your legs. While it can differ for all people, the treatment is bearable and consists of relatively minimal discomfort. Highly Effective Process The primary reason to consider laser hair removal is that it’s a very effective process. The technology has been basically mastered in recent years, and that means that most people can expect permanent hair removal from it. It takes about three to five sessions per person, which nets them a 90 percent success rate with permanent hair removal. Prevents Hair from Ever Growing Back There are no other options that exist during the present day that will completely eradicate all hair in regions that you elect. Waxing is the next best thing, and most women can attest to the messiness and the painfulness of this process, not to mention the frequency in which it must be administered, and the associated side effects that is has upon the skin. Lasers just tackle the hair, and don’t damage your nearby skin in the process, unlike shaving or waxing. How Laser Hair Removal Works If you have ever wondered why and how this process works, it can be simply explained. A precise beam of intense pulsed light is directed at the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle. It will heat up and destroy that pigment. Once the pigment is destroyed, the follicle is destroyed and retracts, never growing hair again because it has no pigment.

Cutting Down Cellulite and Toning Skin with IPL Technology for Weight Loss

Using IPL Technology for weight loss, it is possible to reduce visible signs of cellulite while toning and tightening the skin. Just when you thought that it might be impossible for IPL technology to procure any other innovations, it’s suddenly being applied to weight loss seekers, and with great success, too. It’s entirely natural to ponder why and how such IPL technology could actually help you lose weight and trim down your body. As a bit a disclaimer, this solution is not the only solution for your weight loss methods. It’s designed to help you while you are pursuing aggressive methods, while helping your body stay trim and toned, and enabling you to avoid the dreaded skin bags associated with massive loss of weight.
How IPL Technology for Weight Loss Works The IPL technology for weight loss works in a similar manner to other forms of IPL treatments. Since the outermost layer of fat can be easily penetrated from the skin by using a beam of light, this treatment works to break up fat cells that have set up shop on the surfaces of your body. Primarily, cellulite is able to be treated by zapping it and intimating a natural bodily response. Once the pointy cell of the matrix of fat has been damaged by the laser, the body can more easily process that fat, and the fat struggles to collect and reposition again once the matrix cell has been invaded. What to Expect During Your Procedure There are some things that you should expect during your treatment. Some people may feel a bit of discomfort when using IPL technology on the skin for fat treatment. Your doctor can fully apprise you of what the procedure entails and what you can expect as far as associated discomfort and downtime post procedure. This treatment is considered to be minimally invasive and has nominal associated recovery time, making it a far more viable, safer and affordable option than liposuction. As with any medical procedure, it’s important to fully discuss any and all concerns with your treating doctor beforehand. Some people may not be able to use this procedure due to existing skin conditions, medications they are currently taking or current medical conditions that could cause adverse reactions or undesirable side effects.  

Three Innovative IPL Treatments That Are Amazing

The future is wonderful, indeed it truly is. As time passes, mankind most assuredly makes advancements that baffle and bewilder us onlookers. Seemingly, on nearly a daily basis, breakthroughs and revelations are taking place that astound us all; and that were deemed improbably if not impossible only a few year prior to their procurement. With IPL equipment does arrive the next day spa trendsetter that changes the game forever, and for the better. Three breakthroughs that it has fomented will be revealed, so stick around.
Varicose Veins Be Gone Spider veins, which are medically called varicose veins, have plagued people for centuries upon centuries. In more recent times, they made wearing shorts a self esteem nightmare for sufferers. But with IPL treatment, one can zap those nasty looking veins and the body reacts by receding them, tucking them away to never be seen again. Wrinkle Depth Reduction Wrinkles are part of the aging process. They are caused by the thousands of facial contractions that our muscles create every day. Over time, the skin folds can noticeably crease and show signs of aging. But intense pulsed lighting changes that by helping the skin to renew itself for fresher, more wrinkle-free skin folds. Laser Hair Removal Hair removal used to mean messy, painful waxing or shaving. Both are not attractive, or cheap, methods of hair removal. Neither is permanent. Along comes an IPL treatment that eradicates shaving and its downsides from the lives of people forever. Considering the average person spends more than $1000 on shaving products per year, and an average of 30 minutes in the shower daily, laser hair removal is, perhaps, the most useful of all current IPL treatments. As you can see, IPL treatments really have changed things. There are so many more treatments that these amazing machines enable. In the future, don’t be shocked when they are featured at most spas.

IPL Hair Removal – Is it the Solution You’ve Been Seeking?

Learn more about IPL hair removal and determine if it’s right for you. A common consideration for hair removal these days involves using a process called IPL hair removal. The IPL stands for intense pulsed light. Since the early 90s, when this treatment type really became first commercially available, it’s skyrocketed to popularity. Thanks to technology these days, it’s a premium staple found at the finest day spas and women’s salons. But is it the solution that you’ve been seeking for permanent hair removal?
How Does IPL Hair Removal Work? The process of hair removal using this procedure will require some commitment and patience from you. Hair grows in layers, which means that each layer of each region needs to be treated. Regions of hair generally require several treatments to stop growing hair. Each hair follicle will have to be accessed by the IPL light to permanently retard hair growth. After several treatments per session, you can expect 80-90 percent hair removal. Cost and Benefits of This Procedure Each region being treated can vary in price. The average cost is about $500 per treatment per region. When comparing the costs, don’t forget to factor in the amount of time you spend shaving each day and the cost of the shaving products over a lifetime. By comparison, you stand to save untold thousands of dollars over your lifetime by opting for more convenient and lasting IPL hair removal. Does the Procedure Hurt? The best news is that IPL hair removal is painless. Most women report no discomfort during the healing process. While this can be variable, as everyone is different, for the most part, you really should not feel any discomfort.
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