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How Women Save Money with an IPL Treatment

Learn more about a few types of the IPL treatment that can save women some serious cash. The IPL laser is a breakthrough that positively affects everyone who wisely takes advantage of the treatment methods that it enables. Never before has mankind witnessed such a rapid advancement of technologies. The procurement of which has made things that much easier in life. With the advent of the IPL treatment sect, there are numerous beneficial ways that these treatments impact women from all walks of life. Stick around, as we will dig in to the top three treatments that the IPL laser has created.
Hair Removal Shaving really sucks. It takes up time. It’s filled with nasty cuts and scrapes, razor burn and irritation; and it’s super expensive, costing more than $1,000 per person per year on average. Okay, so screw the razor, you can always wax. This messy solution is only temporary and is super painful, too. The IPL laser permanently removes hair in just a few treatments, and forever. Wrinkle Depth Reduction Those finagled wrinkles won’t go away on their own any time soon. They are caused by your facial muscles naturally contracting thousands of times per day. Add this up, and they can create creases in the skin – or wrinkles – over time. With an IPL laser, the wrinkles can be zapped, creating stronger and more resilient, fresher layers of skin beneath; which serve to firm the skin and reduce wrinkle depth. Facial Scar Treatment Facial scars are most commonly caused by nodular acne and cystic acne. These deep facial scars are the subject of much grief for those who suffer from their appearance. But there is an answer where there previously was not. Using the IPL laser, the skin can be lightly treated over several sessions. As new collagen and elastin – the building blocks of new skin – form, the scars will slowly fade over time. Keep on seeking treatments, and scars-be-gone!

How the IPL Machine is a Cash Cow for Day Spas

Find out a few ways that you can use the IPL machine to generate some serious cash for your day spa. The IPL machine has truly shifted the mantra of the modern day spa by upping its offerings tenfold from that of even beyond comprehension just a short decade prior. In fact, with the advent of the IPL machine, and the deregulation that contended only doctors could facilitate treatment sessions, now the day spa has so much more to offer to clients that a cash cow would be a vast understatement.
Laser Hair Removal The most popular offering enabled by IPL machine is the prospect of laser hair removal. Using the strong IPL beams, the lights can help to remove unwanted regions of hair in relatively few treatments. This type of treatment is quickly becoming the most popular type of cosmetic hair removal treatment in the country. Anti-aging Treatments Anti-aging is and forever will be a mainstay of any day spa. People frequent a spa to get specific treatments that help reduce wrinkle depth and even skin tone while restoring luminosity. With the IPL machine, several treatment sects, like the laser facial, are now made entirely possible. Tattoo Removal With an estimated 50% of all Americans sporting a tattoo, the removal of them is also equally as big of business. Using the IPL machine, many types of tattoos can be safely and effectively removed. One can only imagine how increasingly popular this prospect will become as more people get tattoos in par with popular culture trends of the modern era. As you can see, the IPL machine opens the doors for easy profits for all smart day spa owners. 

Laser Hair Removal – Three Reasons it Could Make Sense for You

Learn more about laser hair removal and find out if it might make sense for you. Three reasons revealed. More women are wisely seeking laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all, but could it be the right path for you to take? There are a number of good reasons to consider removing that hair you don’t really care to be bothered to shave any longer using laser hair removal. If you have ever wondered what some most popular reasons are behind making the decision, the follow three can get you up to date in a real jiffy.
Simple Process Unlike waxing or shaving, both of which are painful and tedious processes, laser hair removal is not. It’s a simple process that involves minimal discomfort as a trained technician gently uses a laser hair removal handle to direct IPL light towards your targeted regions for hair removal. A few treatments are all that it takes to permanently remove any areas of unwanted hair for good. Save Money in Long Run Considering that the average person spends more than $1800 per year on shaving products and related cosmetics, that’s a ton of money over a lifetime that can be saved. With laser hair removal, you won’t ever have to buy shaving products again. How much money over how many years would that add up to for you? No More Annoying Shaving Sessions The average person spends about half an hour in the shower shaving each day. That’s more than a week’s worth of shaving end to end in a year. Can you imagine what you would do with all that free time and extra money if you instead choose to use laser hair removal?

Things to Consider When Shopping for Tattoo Laser Removal Machines for Sale

Make sure you consider these important aspects before you shop for tattoo laser removal machines for sale. You most certainly have some options to consider when shopping for tattoo laser removal machines for sale. Before you just race out there and buy the first machine that you find, there are some underlying factors to ponder. Use the suggestions offered here to make your buying experience a confident one.
To Lease or to Purchase It’s no mystery that these machines can be a costly encumbrance for any business. But you do have some other options aside from purchasing them flat out. Some places offer to lease these machines at reasonable monthly rates. You can also consider financing your purchase with a private bank, too. Reputation of Seller The reputation of the seller should be considered as well. You never want to run into any issues regarding repairs, warranties or customer service. To avoid these hassles, make sure that you fully research any seller of tattoo laser removal machines for sale. Warranty Offered Take some time to explore the limitations of the machines being offered for sale. Some merchants offer incredible warranties whereas others offer less than substantial ones. Warranty is a very important aspect of any machine such as this that you could purchase. To Buy New or Used A very popular question when seeking to purchase tattoo laser removal machines for sale relates to whether you should buy one new or used. A reconditioned machine will work as diligently as a brand new one, and will usually come with a decent warranty for a lot less money. However, some business owners only feel confident buying a new unit. This last choice is really yours for the choosing.

Three Options to Get Hair Removal Lasers in Your Business Today

Day spas specialize in offering a variety of beatification services for their clients. It’s not just about customer service or the quality of your treatments, but also about what treatments that you can hope to offer to attract and to retain clients. If you are not featuring laser services yet, the spa down the street assuredly is. Up until recently, it was difficult for spas to afford these machines. But there are three awesome options that will be presented to you here that can enable you to get these machines into your business today. Private Financing There are a number of new private financing companies that specifically fund small businesses, like a day spa. One company that’s highly rated is called On Deck ( They base their financing on your overall credit card receipts, and offer varying terms and interest. It is possible to get a low monthly rate and low interest rate with this entity. All you will have to provide are your business transactions records for credit cards. Rental Options Corporam is please to present a variety of different rental options with 36 month terms. These rental options include the ability to purchase the machine at the end of the period. They also come interest-free and with a standard warranty on the hair removal lasers. You can learn more about our rental options that have low down payments and monthly rates as low as $299/month by visiting: Clearance Sale It’s the holidays and we are thrilled to offer the best deals we have ever offered in our company history on new, show room model and refurbished IPL machines of all types. Enjoy drastic savings that can be as much as 66% on the world’s best laser machines. You can learn more about this rare opportunity here: You had better hurry, however, because this sale will not last with these low clearance prices.

Four Popular Applications for Intense Pulsed Lighting (IPL)

The newest revelation in the day spa industry is intense pulsed lighting (IPL). Four popular applications of this laser technology revealed. The spa industry has been literally reinvented with the advent of the intense pulsed lighting machine (IPL). The IPL trend has taken the industry by storm, ushering in an entirely new era of fabulous treatment options that greatly expand the spa menu of services.
For decades upon decades, the day spa industry has based its techniques upon ancient healing methods merged with modern science. Now that science has moved a step forward, embracing the revelations of technology simultaneously. Amongst numerous revolutionary treatments and procedures that have been created thanks to the intense pulsed lighting, the following four are easily the most popular of IPL services that are offered at day spas during the present day. Skin Rejuvenation A facial using an intense pulsed lighting laser can indeed be accurately tagged as the laser facial. The powerful beams of light penetrate deep into the skin folds and intimate a collagen and healing response. Tired, old and saggy skin rejuvenates to bright, youthful and brilliant. An intense pulsed lighting machine enables deep laser peels that are seemingly as effective as other types of deep peels, but that don’t involve harsh chemicals and acids. Laser Hair Removal Perhaps the most popular of intense pulsed lighting treatments available, laser hair removal is immensely profound. Using the intense pulsed lighting laser, the follicles of the hair can be zapped, which eliminates new hair growth in most cases. Women no longer have to shave for their entire lives just to be hair free, thanks to the intense pulsed lighting machine. Laser Tattoo Removal Tattoos are becoming increasingly commonplace. As they become more viral and popular, more people desire to have old tattoos removed. The intense pulsed lighting machine helps destroy the ink pigments in the skin, instigating a natural bodily response that removes a tattoo. Pigmentation Treatment Pigmentation treatment used to involve using bleaches and harsh acids to wear away the skin and invoke a cellular response. With the intense pulsed lighting machine, that treatment can be used with a powerful light beam instead. The light can actually destroy and break up pigment clusters, and induce a bodily response (internally) that fades the blemish away.

Why Women Prefer IPL over Shaving for Hair Removal

The razor is out. Replacing it is the IPL (intense pulsed lighting) laser hair removal machine. Find out why women want it more. The power of the intense pulsed lighting (IPL) machine will never wane. It’s truly taken force, actually. As society embraces this technological advancement in cosmetic procedures, a few popular treatments have emerged. The most popular of which is the laser hair removal procedure offered by the IPL laser machine. But why do women love it?
Saves Valuable Time Daily The average woman spends at least 20-30 minutes per day in the shower shaving. That’s a lot of time that can really add up very quickly. Think about it, that’s about 200 minutes per week, and more than 10,000 minutes per year they could be saving by not shaving. Spend Less Money on Cosmetics Shaving products have never really been cheap. The best ones come with rather lofty price tags, too. The average person spends more than $1,200 per year (USD) on shaving products and shaving related cosmetics. This high cost is eliminated when intense pulsed lighting is used to permanently remove hair instead. Avoid Rashes and Skin Infection Shaving the skin is not necessarily good for it. It’s actually a purely cosmetic process to remove unwanted hair. As the blades pass over the skin, it’s common for the skin to become cut and even infected. Skin rashes are very commonplace with razor shaving, and can last for undesirable days upon end until they clear. Just a Few Treatments is All That’s Required Perhaps the most interesting reason why more women are using intense pulsed lighting hair removal treatments is that only a few treatments (per region) are necessary for permanent hair removal. There is minimal discomfort associated with the process, and the healing time is very marginal thus highlighting the efficacy of using an IPL machine to remove hair. No More Waxing; Ever The other option for women seeking hair removal is waxing. While less costly than an intense pulsed lighting treatment, waxing is not a permanent solution, either. It is also messy and possibly expensive depending upon what region is being waxed. Lastly, it’s a rather painful process that involves literally tugging hair out by the roots using melted wax.

Benefits of Treatments Using Intense Pulsed Lighting Technology

Learn more about the wonderful benefits of using intense pulsed lighting technology for skincare. The advent of intense pulsed lighting technology marks a passage in the evolution of day spa technology to an entirely new horizon. This relatively newer method of offering treatments opens the door to new realms for service offerings for day spas around the world. It’s also quite replete with a plethora of benefits, too.
Non-Invasive The most desirable facet of intense pulsed lighting technology is that it’s entirely noninvasive. For clients of any day spa, this means no lancing, no pain and minimal discomfort during and post treatment sessions. This aspect helps make this type of skin therapy even more advantageous. Simple to Use Most technicians can be trained to use intense pulsed lighting technology and its numerous applications rather quickly. For courses that require certifications, there are plenty of flexible classes offered. The hands-on approach makes it easy to learn how to administer effective treatments using intense pulsed lighting technology. This means that staff members can be trained fast and treatments can be provided right away after implementing the machines. Affordable to Maintain The machines are made from high quality parts and generally come with a high quality warranty as well. While no warranty lasts forever, the parts are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive to replace. A well maintained machine can last a practice several years before the IPL bulbs need to be swapped out for a new one. Treatment Options With intense pulsed lighting technology, a wide range of treatment options opens up that would otherwise not be as palpable. The most common uses for this technology include treating: age spots, freckles, pigmentation, redness, scarring, spider veins, rosacea, reducing wrinkle depth, age rejuvenation, tattoo removal and hair removal. Considering all of these practical applications, it’s easy to understand why intense pulsed lighting technology is quickly becoming a mainstay and popular staple in the day spa industry today. Can Be Financed One final consideration is that spas can easily finance these machines to cover the initial investment. That means that small monthly payments can be made on them until they are paid off in full. Factor this against how many treatments can be offered, and as you can see: intense pulsed lighting technology is a profitable consideration for any spa practice.

Could Intense Pulsed Lighting Technology Represent a Monumental Shift in Day Spa Industry?

New arrays of treatments relying upon intense pulsed lighting technology could change the day spa industry forever, and for the better.
While facials, body wraps and massages will never wane in popularity, the addition of intense pulsed lighting technology to the day spa industry marks another evolutionary trend. As far as treatments are concerned, a laser facial is more effective than a standard facial. And laser hair removal is more effective than waxing. We’ll take a look at how this new approach and technology represents a monumental shift in day spa services. More Effective Treatment Methods The treatment methods overall seem more consistent and effective with intense pulsed lighting technology. This ranges from wrinkle treatments to laser removal of hair to spider vein treatments. Previously there were few, if any, options for some of the treatments that intense pulsed lighting technology offers—which presents a whole new avenue for skin care at spas. The Laser Facial The laser facial is easily a chart topper for clients that’s made possible by intense pulsed lighting technology. Using similar prep methods to any standard facial, and very similar to microdermabrasion, the laser facial relies upon light to help resuscitate the capillaries. The results are long lasting and are noticeable within the first few days post treatment. Pigmentation-Be-Gone With intense pulsed lighting technology, pigmentation can now be treated. This can range from freckles to brown and even white pigmentation. The lasers can help the body naturally attack the pigmented cells, which is also a natural reaction that’s used for laser tattoo removal. Hello Laser Hair Removal Perhaps the most popular offering of intense pulsed lighting technology is laser hair removal. About a year’s worth of shaving costs can be spent on a few treatment sessions that permanently remove hair from the area being treated. By comparison, waxing is a messier and temporary fix. See You Later Spider Veins A lot of people suffer from the appearance of unsightly spider veins that can fan and web out on the thigh areas. These highly undesirable spider veins can make anyone feel self conscious about wearing shorts, a skirt and of course the swimsuit. With intense pulsed lighting technology, the ability to zap these veins using intense light that causes them to recede beneath the visible top layers of skin represents a revolutionary and relatively pain-free method of treatment.
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