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Why it Makes Sense to Rent an Intense Pulsed Light Machine

What if you could rent the intense pulsed light machine that you needed for a low payment each month? Well now you can! We’ve got the details. Find out how you could rent that machine today for your spa practice.


Low Down Payment

Get the intense pulsed light machine that you need today with low down payments. At Corporam, we want you to be able to afford to use our technology. That’s why we’ve created this special program to help your spa better compete and offer more services while sticking to your budget.


Affordable Monthly Payments

With low monthly payments, you won’t have to worry about booking your schedule solid to pay your intense pulsed light machine payment. Instead, a few treatments booked per month enables you to break even. After that, you will be growing your revenue stream exponentially.


Zero Interest – Cancel at Any Time

With the Corporam intense pulsed light machine Rental Program, you pay one fixed monthly payment with zero interest. What’s more is that you can cancel at any time. There are no hidden fees. And you can even buy the machine when your contract is over, or whenever, for a low and set price. With easy down payments, it’s the best way to get your hands on the machine that you need right now!


Offer the Treatments You’re Lacking

Start offering the treatments that you were never able to offer before with a new intense pulsed light machine in your day spa practice. Imagine how many new clients that you could be attracting day in and day out when you have a brand new machine that enables you to offer dozens of new treatments?

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