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Three Benefits Intense Pulsed Light Offers for Unwanted Facial Hair

You’ve assuredly already heard about intense pulsed light and the fascinating science beneath how these advanced lasers can work wonders on your skin and help to treat a wide variety of problems. We’ve covered many different treatments that they can be used to help you with in previous posts, including unwanted leg hair and various skin conditions. In today’s article, we’ll delve into how intense pulsed light technology is now being used to target unwanted facial hair using a special photofacial.


Centered Application

Corporam’s IPL technology offers optimal control of light. At specific wavelengths, controlled light is able to penetrate and pass through the skin where they can reach the chromophores. This light reaches the shaft of the hair or its bulb (the root)—where the hair stores most of its melanin. Intense Pulsed Light basically zaps this bulb, eliminating the hair in the process.


The Papilla

The body produces hair from the papilla, a region located near the root. The heat of the Intense Pulsed Light waves is too strong for the papilla to survive. A few passes with the IPL light and most papilla are destroyed. This prevents future hair growth for months on end.

As compared to other laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments, Intense Pulsed Light actually offers you the best bargain of the bunch. An Alexan­drite treatment will cost you about twice as much at any spa, and opting for electrolysis will cost even more than that. With IPL treatments, you can banish unwanted facial hair from your T-zone, and enjoy smoother skin for years to come. For unwanted facial hair, IPL therapy is both practical and effective as a means of removal.

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