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Four Signature Benefits of Intense Pulsed Lighting Treatments

Learn about signature benefits that intense pulsed lighting treatments offer, which is incomparable to anything else out there. Could intense pulsed lighting treatments open up the doors to a wave of new day spa menu additions that are very popular, highly profitable and results-based? If you take a look at the key benefits of this type of skin therapy, the easy answer is: yes, indeed. In today’s blog, we’ll compare four benefits that easily make intense pulsed lighting treatments rise above the rest when it comes to desirable day spa treatments.
Pain-Free Pigmentation Destruction for Treatment of Hyperpigmentation With intense pulsed lighting, a newer method of skin care is applied. This method uses a powerful broad spectrum light beam to penetrate deep into the folds of the skin and cause purposeful damage to the pigmentation cells. This causes a natural and quick healing reaction from the body, and it’s ideal for treating hyperpigmentation as well as a variety of other skin conditions as well as for hair removal and even tattoo removal. Comfortable Application Process without Anesthetic One of the primary benefits to intense pulsed lighting treatments is that they are non-invasive. So unlike plastic surgery or injected dermal fillers, there is virtually no pain or discomfort associated with the process. A gentle light handle is used to administer the treatment while the patient relaxes on a spa bed. After the process, the patient can return to home or to work with virtually no side effects. Non-Invasive Outpatient Procedures Since is a very topical and non-invasive procedure, the treatments can be conducted as outpatient procedures. The downtime is very nominal with most patients experiencing mild to medium side effects such as skin peeling, cracking or itching (common side effects associated with most day spa treatments like facials and body wraps or chemicals peels). The downtime is minimal to none, making intense pulsed lighting a highly desirable treatment set. Rapid, Desirable Results Because intense pulsed lighting penetrates deep into the dermal folds, inducing a rapid collagen and pigmentation healing effect, the results are faster and more easily seen and realized than with virtually any other kind of non-invasive topical skin treatments. Due to these rapid results, intense pulsed lighting is a very desirable application for patients/clients. And the treatments can be used on most visible layers of skin, making them multifarious.

For Varying Skin Treatments of Varying Ages Intense Pulsed Light not just an idea, but the ideal.

Age has a way of introducing itself through the surface of your skin. And upon reaching the 30s and 40s it all seems to come in bunches. Skin spots, unsightly veins, unwanted hairs sprouting with unrelenting aggression. If this is happening to you, it could very well be a time to start considering anti-aging treatments. When it’s just too much for your waxing and shaving to reach and keep off, it might be time to give science a chance. Maybe skip ahead a few hundred years from the laborious tasks of the past, and strike it with the power of light.
Emitting greater energies and optimum wavelengths, the pigments of the hair absorb these intense lights from IPL Machines, damaging the hair and follicle with a direct beam. Some of you may be thinking that this is too scientific, beams, lasers, high-tech machinery, blasting follicles, that all sounds pretty crazy. How can any of this be more practical than the conventional methods that you used before and if the effects of Intense Pulse Light are so strong and permanent—how can you guarantee safety? Fear not, Intense Pulsed Light is a new procedure that’s entirely non-surgical and non-invasive, in many cases it has proven to be the safest means of skin treatment. Pulsed Light Treatments can be customized to serve the needs of each individual’s needs. Through alternating wavelengths and frequencies, intense pulsed light can concentrate through deeper hair follicles through avoiding the epidermis in its entirety. And the best part is that surveys have shown patients noting less pain through Pulsed Light procedures than lasers, electrolysis, waxing and even in some cases shaving. New advancements in Intense Pulsed Light technology has allowed for machines for reach and power in procedure. For questions and concerns regarding the safety and quality of these procedures, feel free to ask one of our CORPORAM clinics in the US and Canada. Remember that prevention is the best cure.

Fighting Light with Light! How IPL Technology can cure sun conditions.

The ultra-violet rays from the sun can do some serious damage to the skin’s surface. With a recent public service announcement in the United States even comparing the sun’s damaging ways to a skillet with bacon burning atop its very surface. Overexposure to the suns ways can dry out the pores and lead to some unwanted spots on skin, redness and episodes of dryness that your entire medicine cabinet of moisturizers would be weary to touch. Days of having that healthy base and glowing, attractive skin is coming fewer and far between, with hope drying out, flaking and cracking from that form you once had or loved.
It’s late August and you’re probably kicking yourself over the times you should’ve worn all that sunscreen. Now those brown spots, red sports and capillaries, uneven pigmentation and precancerous lesions if you want to take it that far. It’s just bad news and it happened in such a short span that you find it impossible to turn the clock back on your skin, even just a few months. You’d be surprised to think that the cause of this damage—light, could also serve to be the cure. And not just any light, Intense Pulsed Light has advanced as a science and art offering instant-and-lasting results for an ever broadening scope of skin conditions. IPL technology penetrates through the second layer of skin, breaking up the brown pigments in a non-invasive and nonsurgical manner. This procedure has proven to improve skin texture and tone, getting you that glow. Intense Pulsed Light systems can only be applied, under Florida Law, by a licensed and trained physician and practitioner. This process, often called photorejuvenation is ideal for the facial, neck, chest, upper body areas as well as the arms, legs and hands.  The sun has done its damage, but thanks to IPL technology you can get your inner-glow once again.

Intense Pulse Light for Your Skin: A New Take on Your Time and Money.

You may think that getting a treatment from a state-of-the-art and super cool laser is an expensive ordeal. For one thing, it’s a brand new technology that’s rapidly expanding into a plethora of new industries. Not to mention Intense Pulse Light technology is so strong that is has shown signs of not only being capable of pulling off incredible feats such as laser hair removal, it’s safe to imagine how much an Intense Pulse Light treatment would really run for. You may think it’s a totally new thing that may not reach affordability for a very long time.
But you may be surprised at what your wallet can reach for. IPL technology is not relatively new. In fact, new developers of the technology have stepped onto the scene with new clinics administering treatments for a new age and a new take on skin care. For over 15 years, Intense Pulse Lighting has come a very long way from the experimental to the practical. And during that span the technology has found new simplicities and practicalities for performing aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, acne/scar/wrinkle removal, photofacials, repigmentation, stretch mark treatments and vascular lesions. And Corporam has made access to this kind of machinery not only affordable but durable and dependable with the highest standards of quality in technology and training for all practitioners and patients. Instead of thinking about what you’re buying into with IPL treatments, think of what you’re letting go. The effects from an Intense Pulse Light are long lasting, almost permanent, which for you and your wallet equates to less razors, waxes, and countless make up products you would need to cover up the blemishes and marks that just won't seem to go away. With just a few treatments of Corporam's IPL Technology you'll never need to keep those drawers stocked with skin products. It's time to take a better look at yourself, Intense Pulse Light treatments from Corporam is already paying for itself.

Weighing Intense Pulse Light Liabilities, Costs and Qualities.

Of the many reasons you’re seeing a dramatic increase in Intense Pulse Lighting, the declining costs over time in comparison to older and convention methods of hair removal and the curing of skin conditions include cost-effectiveness, the quality and duration of the effects after treatment, and the safety of the treatments. But that still doesn’t mean that there are risks involved. Intense Pulse Light is still a new science, relatively, one that not more than a few years ago only a select handful of providers created IPL machines.
And within those companies came extensive training on the operation of those machines, not to mention stringent standards self-imposed by the machine developers to ensure that proper treatments were given and the machine was never used for the wrong reasons. However with the spread of knowledge and technology, Intense Pulse Lighting went from fewer and far between to frequent and on the street. Machine-makers today have made what seem to be carbon copies of the old popular makes, with no safety certification or training to the practitioners of the devices. That’s a double-standard of unsafe conditions right there. Remember that these are devices that literally send lasers through the pigment, breaking up the contents and conditions directly underneath. Fortunately, all CORPORAM devices for procedures regarding skin conditions and laser hair removal have received both FDA and Health Canada clearance. We also offer extensive training to all practitioners seeking to use CORPORAM’s line of products in order to ensure that our line of products are applied in the hands of those we trust. When it comes to the industry of Intense Pulse Light CORPORAM may have made its mark, but we certainly won’t leave one.

IPL Laser Equipment Trendiest Med Spa Fab for Baby Boomers Seeking Skin Tightening

IPL laser equipment is a true boon to the med spa industry. By having such equipment and trained staff on hand, you can offer more in-demand services that customers crave. IPL laser equipment and the services for rejuvenation that they offer will always be popular, even during times of economic recession.
People just want to look younger: that’s why the cosmetics and spa industries are burgeoning, multibillion dollar industries, even during times of economic decline; people will still pay out cash for more youthful looks. A good example of just how much money people are willing to spend on age defying treatments can be gathered by superstar blogger and CNN staff writer, Jack Cafferty. In a blog that was published to his blog roll on CNN back in 2010, during the height of the toxic mortgage debt fallout in the US, Cafferty coyly titled the blog post: “$10 billion spent on cosmetic procedures despite recession.” Cafferty was sure to note that even during times of financial turmoil, people still were willing to spend money on youthful looks. In an opening paragraph that emphasized his point, he wrote: What recession? Despite record unemployment, rising health care costs and sinking home values - Americans shelled out more than $10 billion on cosmetic surgery and other procedures last year. Interestingly enough, during that year that Cafferty was speaking about, more than 85% of all of the monies spent on these procedures was spent on nonsurgical procedures, the very same age defying procedures that medical day spas prominently feature on their menu of services. At a medical day spa, you want to offer the latest and greatest technology, and with IPL laser equipment, you can offer your valued patrons popular treatments such as: hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, pigmentation reduction and vascular treatments.

40% of People Have Tattoos They Want Removed: Catering to Growing Demographic with Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

The demand for laser tattoo removal equipment has never been higher. With an estimated 40% of all people having tattoos, about one out of two of them wants to have them removed. Are you considering adding laser tattoo removal equipment and services to your medical spa? It may be a wise choice, considering what recent statistics show regarding the popularity of tattoos.
 “Thirty-six percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo,” according to a fall 2006 survey that was conducted by Pew Research Center. Today, that number is estimated to be around 40% and rising. As popular culture makes tattoos more, popular, more people are getting them at younger ages. Later on in life, many people regret some of the tattoos that they got and wish to have them removed with laser tattoo removal equipment and services. Recent estimates place the number of people who wish to have tattoos removed at about one out of two people who have them.   Why Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment Works Using a technology called Q-Switched YAG laser technology, an Evolase TT machine uses short pulsed beams of light to break up the pigments of the tattoo and ink particles. The white blood cells in the body then destroy the remaining pigments over time; which is the same way that tattoos naturally fade over time as the body attacks the cells. Tattoo removal treatments are very popular, and can attract numerous clienteles to your medical spa who may otherwise not have stopped in at all. Other Services Your Spa Can Offer with Same Equipment Laser tattoo machines can also be used to offer a variety of other age-defying skin treatments at your medical spa.
  • Age Spot Removal
  • Sun Spot Removal
  • Spider Vein Treatment
  • Pigmentation Reduction

Summertime and the Season of Cosmetics.

It seems as though the summertime has snuck up on us. Before we know it, the scorching sun has snuck up on us and made the beaches fun again. And every year, within the threshold between the months of May and June comes the strongest demand to get those bodies in shape and in step. In the cosmetic surgery and tattoo-removal business, this is the time of the year where things get at their busiest. In the time of the year where everyone wants to get the best in the show in their body, they want the best in modifications.
And in preparation of the summer season, what’s the best means of getting results at the simplest and least invasive method? According to online cosmetic surgery resources and reports, both laser hair removal and IPL laser treatments have risen in popularity and purpose as providing solutions for skin concerns. In the interest of substituting out the risks of cosmetic surgery all the while exploring the benefits of cosmetic skin procedures, an Intense Pulsed Lighting treatment has been a rising trend. And it’s not just to do away surgery, but also as a means of doing away with waxing, shaving, plucking, and epilating. We all know how tedious those activities can get in the summertime. Isabella Franklin, a spokeswoman for Cosmetic Surgery Guru puts it, “"IPL laser works through a process called photorejuvenation and is designed to improve the skin's tone and texture. It can be used alongside other procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical skin peels and is carried out by reputable surgeons. Many people suffer from skin conditions which greatly affect their confidence, but IPL offers a much-needed solution". Intense Pulsed Lighting can fix various skin conditions, whether just looking to improve one’s tone and texture on the surface or treating more serious concerns such as acne, rosacea, sun damage, port wine stains and even birthmarks. IPL lasers generate light that penetrates the skin tissue, forcing the body’s natural processes to remove and replace the injured tissue with younger and fresher skin. No matter what the season, enhanced skin from a quick IPL treatment awaits.

IPL Technology: A New Solution Showing New Certainty’s

They say that one’s skin is very much similar to a bank account. Withdraw too much of it, perking it up with product and procedure and you’ll find yourself with an emptiness all around your body. That’s because the skin is the largest living organ on the human body, one that we’ve been indebted to since birth. We can take our vitamins and avoid environmentally-damaging acts that go against our skin and add a few years of a firm and smooth cover to go over our frame, or we can settle for the Jersey Shore-spray tans which can advance attractiveness for a night or two while bringing it years closer to self-deterioration.
  But in the realm of skin care, a new solution has been shown by recent studies to not only delay aging, but also reverse it in certain cases. According to dermatologist Dr. Bitter at the annual meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, “This really is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth for delaying skin aging.” It seems that skin may have finally seen the light… literally. We’re talking intense pulsed lighting. Dr. Robert A Weiss from the department of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore agrees that the technique has been an absolute success. In a 2002 study published by Dr. Weiss, alongside his colleagues Dr. Weiss selected 80 patients at random with 4 different skin types to be treated with the most primitive of IPL technology between the years of 1996 and 1997. After a 4 year follow-up on the patents after treatment, 83% had improved their skin texture, 82% had improved upon the appearance of telangiectasia (appearance of veins) and 79% showed improved pigmentation. According to Weiss, “The end result is clearer, brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin,”   With time, this new technology known as Intense Pulsed Light will continue to show improvements spanning across photo-aged skin. And with time the products and procedures will continue to improve in both safety and effectiveness as the non-invasive means of treating skin conditions ranging from age spots, pigmented legions and redness caused by broken capillaries. Photo rejuvenation is still a new technology, but one that has already shown improved textures in the face, hands, arms, legs and chests of all it’s been applied to. With time, it may even surpass complete cosmetic surgery even.  
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