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Not A Trend, Technology: Intense Pulse Light Technology Celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

1992 years ago, a new theory was put into practice. A means of non-invasive surgery that could attack the skin’s surface, on the surface, that could forever change the way we think and feel about cosmetic surgery. In fact, the climate has changed already. You can walk into a skin clinic or any place offering non-invasive cosmetic surgical-alternatives and find some form of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology in one way or another.
The technology has come away, but has certainly made noticeable strides in advancing in the industry. Once experimental, now exponentially becoming the standard in cosmetic skin procedures, Intense Pulse Light technology stood out instantly for its ability to create change through spectrums of alternating wavelengths operating at variable durations to treat even larger areas of the skin.
Of the years, IPL invented a new echelon of procedures known as “photorejuvenation” has created new avenues for doctors and dermatologists alive to deliver predictable and safer results. Before photorejuvenation, skin treatments for conditions like rosacea, spider veins,enlarged pores, brown spots, melisma and unwanted hairs.
According to, IPL technology has been on the rise as a “lunchbreak” procedure. Within 30 minutes or less, an IPL-related photo facial can make the skin look more “radiant, fresh and flawless” by addressing and removing areas dealing with hyperpigmentation. But with any and all cosmetic procedures, quality and safety should always be a top concern. When considering an IPL procedure, be sure to keep in mind recovery time, safety concerns, and what forms of aftercare are required once the procedure is completed.   While the procedures have grown more advanced in safety and simplicity, there still is only one right procedure: what’s best for you.

Laser Tattoo-Removal In The Now!

Between regretful relationships, motions to move on toward new lives or needing to look a little more presentable for that job search. The tattoo-removal market is rapidly on the rise as an effective way to get back the space on skin you need for whatever reasons they may be.
Especially with tattoos becoming more commonplace and socially-accepted in today’s day and age, in fact, one in five Americans—according to a recent Harris poll—have ink. This figure is a significant rise from the 14% finding in the 2008 sample. The real surge in numbers is seen between those in the 30-to-39 age group, with 38% of the sample admitting to having their share of ink on their skin. So now amidst a recession and workforce shrinkage, job-seekers are seeing more difficulties and bridges to cross in regards to securing the positions they want. There are several job positions that ban the worker from showing visible tattoos and others that may not have strict standards, but an employer’s prejudice toward the art which may prove to be even stricter. They say not to get a tattoo unless you are dead sure on having one the rest of your life, but in life we all make decisions that—over time—we come to regret. Over the past few years, laser removal for tattoos has grown exponentially as an industry. The procedure, which Megan Fox recently reported as painful, has seen many improvements, especially with the new line of Corporam products promising the best standard in simplicity toward the non-invasive procedure. So whether you need to shed a piece of your rebellious back-in-the-day’s in order to get that job or move from the back room to that front desk of the office, or you’re Russell Brand trying to take a “Part of Me” that Katy Perry left on his skin and bleach it all toward a new beginning, laser tattoo-removal will help you get that better job, that space on the skin to start anew, or some new adventure for your next “booky-wooky” .  

Photorejuvenation: Getting Under the Skin of Tomorrow

photorejuvenation, ipl, ipl therapy, skin care What exactly is photorejuvenation? On the surface, literally, it’s a new treatment using a laser-like technology known as intense pulsed light to treat common skin conditions such as wrinkles or damages caused by photoaging. The premise of photorejuvenation consists of creating tiny controlled wounds across the surface of the skin, prompting the body to heal itself and create new cells the body could not originally create. Over the years and through the test of time, this process has advanced and evolved.
Photorejuvenation through Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a battle-tested technology proven to treat various skin concerns and conditions all across the board. Problems that have served to bother and plague us for so long, problems like “sun spots” and “age spots” Those brown blotches on the face, neck, chest, hands and back and other areas of the body that you have for far too long found embarrassing. You know when you turn to the mirror, to reveal those sides between the reflections and your eyes, you’ve felt and asked yourself what it would be like to embrace a new day without those spots. Vericose veins, redness and rosacea will no longer keep you powerless toward your dream of bearing the shining skin you’ve always wanted. IPL technology serves to help your skin heal itself from what it was once unable to. This new procedure is absolutely non-invasive and non-surgical and guaranteed to make you look younger. And with stronger focus, this broad spectrum-style light can serve to go even further and destroy unwanted hair follicles on certain areas of the body that you never—ever wanted. This process known as photoepilation isn’t a permanent hair removal, but a treatment certain to keep the waxes and razors away for a long time.Corporam specializes in providing FDA and Health Canada-approved Intense Pulsed Lighting Machines at the best market value with full-training to handle any task for those in your care ranging from skin concerns to complete tattoo removal.
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