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How to Save Money on the IPL Machine You Need

One of the primary reasons why some day spas are still not featuring an IPL machine and competing as effectively as they could be with their rivals is due to one fact: the cost of the machine. The good news is that now you can get these machines in your spa for a lot less money than you might suspect it would cost you. The following options present you with a cost effective solution to offering IPL technology today at your business.


Explore Options with Leasing/Renting

You can now enjoy leasing or renting an IPL machine for a low monthly rate. For example, we offer a rental program that has no interest, low down payments and low monthly payments with cancellation options and even an option to buy the machine at a later time for a set price.


Consider Buying Used or Refurbished Machines

Another option that you can explore is with purchasing used or refurbished machines. Used machines are usually in great shape but come at a much lower price tag than new machines. This option could cut the cost of purchasing a machine by a substantial margin for your business.


Shop During Special Sales for Reduced Rates

One last option is to shop during special events or seasonal sales for the IPL machine that you need to get a great deal on it. For example, Corporam will be hosting a clearance sale in the near future where you could save a lot of money off a very high quality unit. These sales are fleeting, and rare. Finding a machine on a clearance sale can save you considerable costs of the otherwise “new” retail price.

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