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Distribution Program

At Corporam, we continually seek capable organizations to partner with as distributors. If you and your organizations possess the necessary attributes, then we would like to explore a mutually-beneficial partnership.


Distribution Program

Our existing distributor organization is incredibly diverse, consisting of large organizations with numerous sales representatives covering multiple states, provinces and countries, providing products serving several markets as well as smaller organizations serving various niche markets.

Regardless of these attributes we have found that there are a few characteristics allowing for a business them to succeed in promoting and selling our products. If your organization features these attributes, we look forward to seeing you succeed in selling our products and increasing your revenue through our Distributor’s package and incredible prices:

Become a distributor. Stop buying from China and sell the quality your customers deserve. FDA cleared systems made in North America.  Additional discounts applicable.

Buy with Confidence at the Wholesale Price from an American company manufacturing FDA CLEARED, CE Medical certified and Health Canada compliant units as well as parts and accessories. Medicam brand (Registered Trademark) has been on the international and North American Markets for over 15 years. Born in Canada in 2004 under the name Medicam, the company also opened branches in the USA under the name Corporam and in Europe (France) under MedicamEurope.


Why purchase a machine from China when for the same price or slightly more, you can get a North American manufactured machine FDA (USA), CE approved and Health Canada compliant devices. We insist on the FDA (USA) because the Chinese have developed an FDA certification (FDA China) that is ABSOLUTELY NOT VALID AND HIGHLY ILLEGAL in the USA and in North America. Suppliers simply forget (on purpose) to tell you that their FDA is the Chinese one!


Not to mention that Chinese handpieces are only good for 60,000 shots (Chinese lamps) while ours are good for 200,000 shots (UK or German lamps). Even our competition does not guarantee that many shots. Also be aware that most American competitors will tell you that their units do all treatments but they forget to mention that you need 1 handpiece for each treatment at the outrageous cost of $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 each. Do NOT buy any used handpiece as they are not covered under any warranty and you don’t know the number of shots remaining before changing it. Ours are covered under a limited warranty. If you did 100,000 shots and your handpiece becomes defective and is made for 200,000 pulses, you will only have to assume to portion that you already used and a brand new one will be delivered to you. Our competition does NOT cover their handpieces under any warranty.


Also, our machines are FDA approved and cleared for all skin treatments and not only for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation or Tattoo Removal (depending on the unit purchased) unlike most of the North American suppliers / manufacturers (check on the FDA.GOV website for their certification and for the treatments these certifications refer to). Check our certification section on our website corporam or on the FDA.GOV website (see pictures). Our Units carry the FDA clearance “General and Plastic Surgery” which is the highest standard in the Medical Clearance section.


Buy with confidence and get the Efficiency, the Reliability and the Service you deserve along with one-year warranty on parts. Don’t get fooled by the free shipping or the money back guaranteed from Chinese suppliers. Try to send back your machine if you are not satisfied and experience the Chinese customs. Absolutely no machines are accepted back in China even if you originally purchased them from a Chinese manufacturer! You will get exactly what you paid for. Some unfortunate customers also had the surprise to receive used machines when they ordered new ones. China is a protectionist country and suppliers can sell but absolutely no machines are allowed back in the country unless you provide countless documents and if you are lucky, your supplier will get the unit back from customs 2 months later.


Please note that Medicam also OEMs for other brands (their systems are sold under different names). Like many other American Manufacturers, some Chinese companies unfortunately also copy their Designs.


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