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Why Leasing IPL Laser Machines is an Affordable Method to Vastly Expand Your Spa Menu of Services

beauty, spa, health and people concept - beautiful woman touchinA lot of spas wonder how they can ever afford to offer IPL services when the machines are so costly to acquire. Much like any other sophisticated medical tool, IPL laser machines are not cheap to make and require a specialist to operate. So, indeed, it is a financial business undertaking that one should consider seriously. However, with IPL laser machines, a spa can add nearly an entire page of desirable services to their menu, and considering that the machines can be leased or financed at low monthly rates, just a few treatments per month can pay the lease or finance charges, and the rest is return on investment.

IPL Laser Machines Provide Youthful Rejuvenation

People want to look younger, that’s a fact. According to the numbers that have been generated by various reports and surveys that have been ongoing since 2010, more than half of all people over the age of 50 want to look and feel younger. IPL laser machines help with youthful regeneration by gently zapping the top layers of skin and forcing regeneration. When skin regenerates, new skin forms underneath, which increases collagen production, which is the skin’s natural rejuvenator.

Many people see substantial results with rosacea clearance, age spot removal, hair removal, liver spot removal, sun spot removal and even acne clearance in just a few treatments. Unlike facials, or body wraps and other topically applied standard spa treatments, pulsed light therapy represents a technological breakthrough using a proven method that helps to revive and resuscitate the skin for a suppler, youthful glow that shines.

Other popular medical day spa menu services that use IPL laser machines include:

  • Vascular Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Pigmentation Treatment

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