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Why More Patients Are Considering an IPL Hair Removal Machine       

hair removal, laser hair removalMost women have hairy regions that they want to treat on their body with some form of hair removal. Up until just recently, the only three methods involved: shaving, waxing or costly and painful electrolysis. With an IPL hair removal machine, the process is sped up, made more affordable and is also longer lasting. Keep reading to learn about three other benefits that these machines offer to patients.

Faster Treatment

Electrolysis requires that each individual hair be treated and zapped. This is a lengthy process that can take dozens of treatments. Each treatment is painful and time consuming, not to mention costly. IPL can treat hairy regions in as few as three treatments, saving patients time and money as well as reducing overall discomfort.

You Can Shave Beforehand

You can’t shave before you get waxed or have electrolysis. With IPL, you can. This means that your legs and other hairy regions can be shaved prior to the treatment. Since IPL uses light to destroy melanin in hair follicles, causing them to retard, it does not require that you have several millimeters of hair for treatment.

Less Painful

Most people say that IPL hair removal feels like a light pinch. This is considered to be far less painful than waxing or electrolysis. For people who are seeking a faster, less costly and less painful method of hair removal, IPL is the surefire answer that also happens to be more affordable, too.

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