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Simple Benefits of IPL Technology for Patients

laser hair removal, ipl technologyMost of us do not get up and just itch to get our legs waxed, to get a deep chemical peel or other spa treatment that can be invasive or painful like waxing, or that has a week or longer healing time like a deep chemical peel does. For those of you out there who agree, in enters the newfangled savior of the day: IPL technology, and its innate benefits.



Treatments like waxing, electrolysis and even daily shaving can be time consuming and painful, and can often leading to irritation of the skin. Waxing and electrolysis are both painful and arduous, and many patients can struggle to accept them. IPL technology is far more comfortable, offers faster treatments and procures longer lasting results with minimal invasiveness.

Hair Reduction

IPL technology can retard hair growth for a substantial time. This is dependent upon the wavelengths of light that are being used, and how they turn into thermal energy in the skin’s folds. Light can destroy the melanin pigment in skin, causing the hair follicle to never regrow hair on treated areas.

Faster Treatments

Most people lead rather hectic schedules. These don’t leave much time for day spa trips, for long lasting facials or waxing. IPL treatments span about 60-90 minutes and don’t require frequent retreatment. Some treatments can last as few as 30 minutes, offering those in a rush a faster fix.

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