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How the Addition of IPL Technology Can Attract New Demographics to Your Day Spa

IPL technology is indeed the wave of the future for the skincare industry. It’s the newest revelation that utilizes proven science to deliver uncanny treatments that demonstrate immediate and lasting results. Previously, spas were limited to facials, soap and oil and lotion based treatments and mud treatments. Lasers, well they change everything and for the better. In particular, how many clients you can hope to attract every single month.


Affordably Add More Treatments

With the low monthly cost of IPL technology, you can affordably add more treatments. Since the training time required is nominal, you won’t have to go for broke getting your staff caught up. The ability to be able to add five to ten new treatments at a high value rate and a high billable rate – that’s something to get excited over that will attract new clients.


Attract New Clients

Clients are attracted to IPL technology. Some like it because it shows more results with wrinkle depth reduction. Others prefer it because they want laser hair removal and are tired of shaving every day. Yet others desire the scar treatments, skin spot treatments and the plethora of other fabulous treatments made possible with this technology.


Market to New Demographics

Instead of limiting your marketing to your existing demographic, with IPL technology you can actually find new clients in new demographics. Wrinkle depth reduction treatments, for example, can attract the Baby Boomer demographic, whereas laser hair removal can attract the millennial demographic. This isn’t’ even accounting for the other demographics that you attract on top of these two primary categories of spa frequenters.

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