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Two Amazingly Affordable Ways to Get the Best IPL Machines Right Now!

Your clients want IPL services, but you may have found that you are hindered as of late because of the high associated cost of implementation. Thank goodness that you came to this blog, dear reader, because we are about to blow your mind! What if you could lease an IPL machine with a low down payment and a realistic and affordable monthly payment with no interest that made this prospect feasible to your business? Or, what if you could simply outright buy a machine for as much as 66% off the MSRP? Well these two options now exist, but only at Corporam, and only if you act now!

Rent the Best IPL Machines

We are pleased to introduce our rental program for our valued customers. Now you can rent the best IPL machines that exist for a low monthly payment and a low down payment. These leases are interest-free, come with a standard warranty, have a high approval rate and include the option to buy the unit at the end of the term at a rock bottom price. Browse Our Fabulous Rentals Now!

Buy the Best IPL Machines for 66% Off MSRP!

For a VERY limited time, you can buy the best machines we have ever offered at the lowest prices we have ever offered. Some machines have been reduced by as much as $40,000! These sales are limited and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Affordably get the IPL machine that you’ve needed for the best price that you will ever find them at period. Browse our Clearance Sale Now!

The best part is that with either option you can start offering high demand IPL services right away. The average treatment results in a seriously tantalizing profit ratio. Only a few treatments per month equates to an immense increase in profits for your business.

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