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Permanent Hair Removal

The Top Technology in Skin Treatments. Corporam Products Vary in Purpose and Power For Optimal Skin Treatments. FDA and Health Canada-license Machines For A Fraction of the Competitor's Prices. Please note that the Evolight systems are based on the same platform with different treatment options. Same option applies for the Evostar system.

  • Evolight stage 1

    IPL System: Evolight stage 1 : User-friendly model, great for hair removal and skin care treatments. Portable and very convenient for traveling practitioners, a very powerful machine for its size. (Optional stage 2 or 3. Please check Price list)

    $19,999.00 Add to cart
  • Evolight Pro stage 2

    Intense Pulsed Light System: Uses 3 crystals, comes with dedicated water tank for cooling. Best for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne reduction.

    $30,000.00 Add to cart
  • Evolight Pro stage 3

    Advanced Intense Pulsed Light System: Evolight stage 3. Built to suit the technological recommendations of top esthetician special requirements. High power, high speed machine to treat acne, pigmentation and more.

    $40,000.00 Add to cart

    Intense Pulsed Light Machine: Powerful,user-friendly machine, comes with integrated breaker to prevent power surge. Designed for patient comfort, can use 2 handpieces for multiple treatments.

    $55,000.00 Add to cart

    Intense Pulsed Light Machine: EVOSTAR (stage 3). Comes with 3 different treatment options, great for hair removal, acne reduction, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

    $65,000.00 Add to cart

    IPL Skin Tightening: EVOLUX : Powerful IPL device to treat all skin types and conditions such as skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, hair removal and skin tightening.

    $89,000.00 Add to cart
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