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Distribution Program

At Corporam, we continually seek capable organizations to partner with as distributors. If you and your organizations possess the necessary attributes, then we would like to explore a mutually-beneficial partnership.


Distribution Program

Our existing distributor organization is incredibly diverse, consisting of large organizations with numerous sales representatives covering multiple states, provinces and countries, providing products serving several markets as well as smaller organizations serving various niche markets.

Regardless of these attributes we have found that there are a few characteristics allowing for a business them to succeed in promoting and selling our products. If your organization features these attributes, we look forward to seeing you succeed in selling our products and increasing your revenue through the following packages


  • Up To a 35 % discount
  • Customer assistance
  • Service assistance
  • Your Distributor name and Contact Info on Corporam website
  • Minimum order of 2 units
  • Possibility to drop shipment to customers
  • Distributor contract
  • 2-Day trainer training
  • Benefit of all new technologies
  • Ask for more details


(Includes Distributor Package PLUS):

  • Reroute all customers, existing and potential distributors in the territory for sales orders
  • Exclusive distributor assistance from sales reps
  • Certifications of customer allowed
  • Trained service technician if needed
  • Used and demo units offered to you 1st
  • Special prices on overstocked machines
  • Assistance on Providing Quotes
  • Opportunity to open local distributors within the territory
  • Minimum order of 5 units
  • Customer inquiries rerouted to exclusive distributors who reroute them to other distributors at its discretion.


(Includes OUR Distributor Package and Exclusive Distributor Package PLUS):

  • Pricing costs: Corporam cost of production
  • Copy of Corporam infrastructure
  • Control of sales within a wide territory
  • Participation in Corporam’s research and development process
  • Responsibility for distributors and exclusive distributors contracts within your territory
  • Legal assistance
  • Service assistance
  • Spare parts provided
  • Authorization to use Corporam’s name, logos and pictures for advertising purposes while under contract
  • Support and training for your sales and service representatives
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