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Things to Look for When Seeking the Best IPL Machines

Learn about a few features to demand when seeking the best IPL machines.

When seeking the best IPL machines that your money can buy, there are some features that you will want to ensure come standard. Before you whip out that credit card and tender payment on this sizeable purchase and investment, make sure you know what to look for first. Use these suggestions to truly know you are getting the best of the best.

Long Lasting Crystal

Most IPL machines come with medium lasting crystals. The best, however, come with long lasting crystals; and some even come with a replacement crystal included. The crystals should last about 70,000 shots, but this number can vary. Keep that in mind when shopping for the best IPL machines

Well Ventilated Unit

Always review the ventilation of each machine carefully before considering a purchase. These machines do generate a ton of heat, and proper ventilation is a must. The best machines incorporate intercooled (water) ventilation with front, back and side fans that help keep the machine cool and operational.

Multiple Uses

Don’t limit yourself to a single use machine. The best IPL machines actually are intended for multiple, different uses. Make sure that the one you buy is, as this way you can offer more services while still using the same machine to provide them.

LCD Touch Screen

Ensure that the machines you are consider feature a color LCD touch screen. The newer machines always feature this convenient touch pad. It makes it far easier to navigate the menu and change settings while working with clients or patients.

Industry Leading Warranty

Always review the warranty on these machines. The best IPL machines offer at least a one-year limited warranty. Considering the sizeable investment you will be making in them, a solid warranty is an absolute necessity.

Competitive Pricing

Lastly, pricing does indeed matter. Assuredly, you will be expected to pay more money for an elite machine over a carbon copy of lower quality. But that does not mean that the provider shouldn’t offer a competitive rate. Compare rates on premium machines and consider purchasing a used one if finances are an issue. You can always consider financing the machine to make it more feasible, too.

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