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Does Renting a Hair Removal Laser Machine Make Sense?

One dream that every spa has these days is to be able to offer the laser hair removal services that they know that their clients want. But there’s one problem: a good quality hair removal laser machine does not ever come cheap. Top notch machines can run $15,000 or more. So how can a spa make their numbers work with such machines in lieu of the costly acquisition fees? The simple solution: rent them instead of buying them.

Low Monthly Rate

Imagine if you were able to rent a machine for a low monthly rate that made it realistic to your budget? What if you could spend a few hundred bucks every month to lease that machine with no interest and an option to buy them after the leasing period? How would that impact your budget?

Few Treatments Serviced to Break Even

Say you leased a machine for $299 per month. And let’s say you are charging $249 per treatment for a laser session. By this math you’d only have to perform two treatments per month to be making profits off your rental. Chances are you will perform far greater than just two treatments per month.

Add Machines to Practice without Buying Them

With a rental option, you wouldn’t have to spend the money necessary to obtain these machines. Since they cost so much money, it’s more realistic to consider leasing them. Now the main question at hand: where can you lease them from? We’ve got the answer!

Corporam is pleased to offer our signature rental program. Now you can lease the hair removal laser machine that you need for your business at a low monthly rate with a realistic down payment. There is no interest charged to these leases, they come with a fantastic warranty, and you can even choose to buy the unit at the end of the 36 month lease. Learn more about our Rental Program.

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