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What if You Could Lease the Best Laser for Hair Removal?

The world of IPL machines is a costly one to break into. That’s because the best laser for hair removal machine can end up costing you an arm and a leg. With the premier machines, like the EVOSTAR3 costing as much as $60,000 new, it’s easy to understand why some spas have been simply unable to upgrade their practices: they just couldn’t afford to do so feasibly. Sure, some spas may be able to get approved for a private loan, but many lack the credit or business history to do so. At Corporam, we have a plan that can enable your business to upgrade today, and realistically.

Lease the Best Laser for Hair Removal

What if you could lease the laser hair removal machines that you need for your business? Well now you actually can. With our signature Laser Machine Rental Program, you are approved for the machine that you need today. A small down payment allows you to easily get the IPL machines you require for your practice with low monthly payments that are easy to meet each month. In fact, our payments are so low that you will only need to provide just a few treatments each month to break even. After that, every treatment you provide is pure profit.

Now you can offer your clients a way to turn down surgeries by instead allowing them to use the revolutionary laser technology of today to seek the skin therapy and other treatments they desire. Better compete with other businesses by offering the best laser machine in town. Offer hair removal services, skin therapy and many others with a no-interest lease that comes with a standard warranty on parts and labor. Isn’t it about time that you could do this for your business? We sure think so!

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