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Laser Hair Removal for Women: Does it Make Sense for You?

Use this advice to determine whether or not laser hair removal for women is the best choice for you.

A very popular method of removing hair from unwanted regions consists of using a process called laser hair removal for women. This process utilizes a powerful and controlled cosmetic laser to heat up the hair and cause damage to the root of the follicle, thus retarding hair growth. With millions of women getting this treatment done every year in the United States, a common question consists of: Is this treatment right for me?

Cost effectiveness

When compared to the high and ongoing costs of hair removal products for shaving, and when compared to the outrageous costs of electrolysis, hair removal for women using a laser is a viable consideration. In most cases, you will find that it is far more cost effective in the long run.

Personal time

Another factor you ought to consider is the personal time that you spend shaving each day. Now factor how much you earn per hour. Now figure out how many hours per year you spend shaving in the shower. Easily, your personal time is worth a lot more than the cost of the treatment alone.

Growth rate

Laser hair removal for women is considered to be the most effective form of hair removal. The FDA says that it lasts the longest out of all other considerations during the present day. For example, hair starts growing the moment you shave it and wax it, but takes year to come back with laser hair removal treatment.

Alternative options

You do have some alternative options, many of which you have probably already explored. We shall review your other options so you can best see how laser hair removal stacks up to other methods.
• Electrolysis is expensive and painful;
• Shaving has a high amount of associated caveats;
• Hair removal creams rarely even work at all;
• Waxing is painful, costly and requires biweekly maintenance.

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