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Key Benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal Revealed

Explore your options with IPL laser hair removal by learning about the primary benefits this therapy offers.

The IPL laser hair removal process is a technologically advanced and advantageous one that is performed in medical day spas and in some standard day spas to offer permanent hair removal for patients or clients. It’s considered to be beneficial because the process does not harm the surrounding areas of skin and provides an effective hair removal solution in few treatment sects. Hair removal using a laser offers an array of benefits to the consumer, a few of which that will be highlighted in this article.

  • The area being treated will be first prepared for hair removal by trimming the hair to below 23 millimeters.
  • The client or patient relaxes after changing into the treatment attire.
  • A handle is used to carefully direct light waves at the hair follicles being treated.
  • The light destroys the pigment in the follicle and the follicle itself after a treatment session
  • Typically three to five treatments are all that is required to permanently remove hair in unwanted regions.

Remove Unwanted Hair for Good

The primary benefit of IPL laser hair removal is that you can remove any unwanted hair from virtually any region for good. When considering the other hair removal options that exist during the present day, none are nearly as viable or as permanent as this option. Economically, it makes more sense over a lifetime when compared to the cost of other ongoing solutions.

Only Requires a Few Treatments Per Region

Another key benefit of this service is that only a few sessions are required per region. Most people show permanent hair loss in about three sessions. Some people, who have thicker or coarser hair, may require as many as five treatments per region. The effectiveness is rated as 90 percent for all individuals, per

NEVER Shave Again

The goal of IPL laser hair removal is to alleviate the need to ever shave again. Shaving can cause rash, irritation, cuts, scrapes and permanent scarring. It’s also a tedious and time consuming process. Furthermore, it is costly and costs the average person hundreds or more per year in related products.

Average Lifetime Savings

When compared to the cost of razor shaving, IPL laser hair removal is more viable in the long run. The average person can spend as much as $1000 per year on shaving, which adds up over several decades. They can spend a fraction of the cost removing hair for good with laser treatment instead.

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