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Could IPL Technology Change the Spa Industry?

The question of the day is really more of rhetorical statement: Could IPL technology change the spa industry as we know it? The truth is that it’s already changing the spa industry by and far. Since lasers have become a mainstream consideration for day spas, many service menus have been upgraded to reflect newer offerings. Let’s take a quick look at how this could impact the industry forever and for the better.


Photo Facial

Skin facials using scrubs, lotions, mud, oil and so forth will only ever deliver so many results. A laser, however, can penetrate deep into the dermal folds, delivering uncanny results faster, and that last longer. The photo facial can literally zap unpleasant areas and unsightly spots, yet doesn’t require chemicals, acids, peels or oils and lotions to be effective.


Popular Skin Treatments

IPL technology also ushers in a new and unprecedented era of skincare. Imagine treatments to reduce scars that really worked? What about skin spots like age spots or sun spots… again IPL technology has the answer. How about rosacea, varicose veins or other undesirable conditions? Again, IPL technology has the answer.


Wrinkle Depth Reduction

Forever and a day anti aging has been a billion dollar skincare industry. IPL machines change this forever, too. That’s because they are capable of helping the body produce more elastin and collagen in the treated areas – the building blocks of new skin. In just a few treatments, in recent studies, noticeable wrinkle depth reduction was achieved and was sustainable for many years before retreatment was required.

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