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Advantages of Using Hair Removal Systems on Unwanted Hair

Learn more about the advantages of using hair removal systems to eradicate unwanted hair growth.

While there is no such thing as a permanent, as in life lasting, hair removal process, newer laser hair removal systems have much to offer for those seeking a semi-permanent solution. Most hair removal systems function in the same manner: they heat up and damage the root of the hair follicle, thus retarding future hair growth. Sometimes the follicle can heal, and some minor hair growth can reoccur, necessitating future treatments. There are a numerous advantages that these hair removal systems have to offer, several of which will be revealed.

Faster than electrolysis

The process of laser hair removal is faster and more convenient as well as more affordable than electrolysis. It also has less discomfort for the patient. About four treatments per region are required, and each treatment takes about one hour to complete.

Safe and effective process

When done under the proper settings, with the appropriately trained staff, laser hair removal is safe and effective. There is minimal healing associated, with a few days of irritation being the primary adverse affect. Most skin types are compatible, too.

Works on large areas

This process can be used on both small and large areas of skin. It’s ideal for larger, spatial areas, like the back. And it can also be used on more sensitive areas of the skin like around the face or around the lips and even on the neck.

Provides longest amount of hair retardation

According to FDA, laser hair removal is not a permanent solution, but is considered to be the longest lasting. While this method may not permanently prevent hair growth, average results can span as many as five to ten years before retreatment is necessary.

Minimal discomfort

The process is relatively smooth and pain-free. Compared to other, more painful options, such as electrolysis, it involves far less time and discomfort. The healing process is fast, too, and minimal side effects have been recorded.

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